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Spring Cleaning 101: Why Professional Window Cleaning Matters

Today we’re going to unpack why professional window cleaning matters. This is the second installment in our spring cleaning series! If you missed our first spring cleaning post, click here to catch up on everything you need to know about carpet care. 

Let’s talk about windows

Window cleaning is a task that’s easy to overlook. It’s not something that needs to be done everyday (for most companies). It’s also not an easy job to tackle on your own. And as long as your windows aren’t obviously coated in mud, you might not notice the film of dirt that slowly accumulates over time. But professional window cleaning matters. Here’s why it should be part of your cleaning plan.

Cleansolution brings the right equipment & expertise for the job

Cleaning windows in multi-storied buildings, high-rises and tricky locations, like stairwells, requires specialized safety equipment and trained staff. We’d hate to see anyone try to take this job on themselves and suffer a serious injury! 

We also supply our staff with safe and effective cleaning products that won’t cause breathing problems or other health hazards. Working with our experienced team will save you time, hassle and the money you’d have to spend on purchasing the necessary equipment. 

Clean windows make the best first impression 

We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of walking up to an office building or storefront that was looking a bit lackluster. And once that first impression registers, it can be difficult to shake. This is one of the big reasons why professional window cleaning matters.

Dirt and debris on your exterior windows creates doubt in the mind of a customer: Does the management here pay attention? Are they following other sanitation protocols? Is the company losing money and cutting back on maintenance costs? 

These are not the thoughts you want at the front of your customer’s mind as they come through your door! 

Interior glass surfaces matter too. Fingerprint smudges, cobwebs and lots of dust can accumulate on the panes and dirt will gradually build up in the window tracks and frames. This is an instant red flag to observant customers that your building isn’t being cleaned frequently.

Clean windows & natural light make your space inviting

Natural light has so many benefits! From a marketing standpoint, natural light is flattering, welcoming and showcases your product and facility well. If you have windows that face a sidewalk with a lot of foot traffic, clean windows frame your product and signage, drawing customers inside. 

Windows tend to accumulate oil, dust, salt, pollen and other substances over timeespecially if your building is located near a busy highway with increased air pollution. You may not notice the slow build-up of grime, because it happens very gradually. But you will be shocked at the difference it makes to the look and feel of your space once your windows are thoroughly cleaned! 

Your specialty windows deserve special attention 

Another reason why professional window cleaning matters is that some windows have unique qualities that make them more difficult to clean. If your building has windows with special coatings, tinting, stained glass etc. make sure to schedule a  consult with Cleansolution before you start cleaning! 

Some cleaning solutions can damage these types of windows. You don’t want to incur the additional cost of repairing or replacing expensive or irreplaceable glass! You can trust our team to choose the right products and cleaning methods to preserve your unique windows. 

Did you know that dirt can permanently damage your windows? 

It’s true, unfortunately. We tend to think of dirt as a cosmetic problem or a sanitation issue … but residue from dirt, acid rain and auto exhaust can actually etch its way into your glass, eventually leaving irreversible staining and damage. 

If your building is made of concrete, you’ll need to pay extra attention to window maintenance. Certain minerals in concrete, such as calcium, can slowly seep out over time and run down over your window panes. Calcium deposits are difficult to remove if ignored for too long. Routine window cleaning can prevent excess build-up of minerals and keep your windows looking their best. 

So – how often should you have your windows cleaned? 

For most industries, we recommend that you schedule window cleanings on a quarterly basis. This schedule will keep your windows in top shape and extend their lifespan. If that feels like too much, start with scheduled cleanings at least twice a year and adjust as necessary.  Consider upping the frequency if your building is in an area that experiences a lot of rainy weather, construction work or traffic. 

If you have large, street-facing windows that are used for merchandising, you may want to schedule more frequent cleanings to ensure that your product is showcased well. 

Certain industries such as food service and healthcare require more intensive cleaning to meet specific health code regulations. You may require window cleaning as often as every two weeks, depending on your industry standards. 

We create the right cleaning plan for every client! 

Winter weather can definitely leave your windows grimy, which makes early spring a great time to schedule a cleaning! 

We consider the individual circumstances of every client and offer completely customizable plans to match your needs. Virtual site visits with same-day quotes are available for many common cleaning projects. Start a cleaning consultation with us today and let us help tackle your spring cleaning to-do list!