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Cost-Effective Cleaning Supplies

Is Your Janitorial Service Using the Most Cost-Effective Cleaning Supplies?

We helped several dozen Portland businesses save money on cleaning supplies. This is a low hanging fruit for many facilities. Most janitorial companies have a large mark ups for bathroom supplies, not at Cleansolution. Our strategy is to source these at unbeatable pricing to make our services offering more appealing. With the Oregon minimum wage increase, many businesses are looking for smart ways to cut costs. Start with the supplies you regularly use. Do you purchase them from a distributor? Even distributors may not provide the lowest cost products. Keep in mind that the most cost-effective cleaning supplies go beyond the price tag; they also promote a healthy indoor environment and are sustainable. We partner with SupplyWorks to secure the best deals on cleaning and maintenance products for our customers. The assortment of cleaning, maintenance and repair products allows us to consolidate vendors and save costs, which we pass to our customers. As always, keep the price bundling in mind.

Save Money on Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

In addition to janitorial services, we provide top-quality cleaning and maintenance supplies at discounted rates.

Examples of products that we’re happy to deliver include:

  • • Hand towels
  • • Trash bags
  • • Toilet paper
  • • Hand soap
  • • Light bulbs
  • • Vacuum bags
  • • HVAC filters
  • • Toilet and urinal supplies
  • • Safety products
  • • Light bulbs
  • • Hand sanitizer
  • • Paper dispensers and restroom equipment
  • • Odor control products
  • • Floor mats
  • • Paper towels
  • • Replacement parts for cleaning equipment
  • • Wastebaskets
  • • Plumbing supplies
  • • Batteries
  • • Extension cords
  • • Electrical wires and cables
  • • Light switches
  • • Receptacles
  • • Adhesives
  • • Power tools
  • • Hand tools
  • • Cabinets and accessories
  • • Food service items
  • • Ceiling tiles
  • • Window treatments
  • • Landscaping equipment
  • • Snow and ice removal supplies
  • • Door, window and cabinet hardware
  • • Signs and letters
  • • Painting supplies
  • • Office supplies
  • • Storage supplies

Why Green is Better for Your Bottom Line

CLEANSOLUTION Services is a green commercial cleaning company. Our goal is to use and sell products that are green and lower in overall cost. The cleaning products and techniques we use are sustainable and Eco-friendly. They will help lower your facility’s environmental impact, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, conserve water, and lower operating costs. Green cleaning products will not lower the quality of indoor air, so you do not have to worry about fumes or volatile organic compounds triggering adverse symptoms in building occupants. When employees and occupants are healthy, your facility is more productive.

Many manufacturers sell green cleaning supplies that are specially designed to promote less waste. A great example are dispensers. The right dispensers can proportion usage to be less wasteful and increase the user experience.

When you hire us for your janitorial needs, you will have peace of mind knowing that we always seek the most cost-effective green cleaning products. As you look for ways to reduce costs, don’t forget the smaller expenses, as they can quickly add up. If your facility stocks cleaning and maintenance supplies, give a list of the products used to a CLEANSOLUTION Services specialist. There’s a good chance that we can find a better deal.

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