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Cost-Effective Cleaning Supplies

Are you paying too much for cleaning supplies?

We’ve helped dozens of businesses save money on cleaning supplies and we’d love to help your company too! Most janitorial companies charge huge markups on supplies, which leads to higher costs for customers. Our strategy is to source cleaning solutions, paper products and other common items at unbeatable wholesale pricing and pass those savings on to you.

We source supplies that are economical and eco-conscious.

Keep in mind that the most cost-effective cleaning supplies go beyond the price tag; they also promote a healthy indoor environment and are sustainable.

We partner with local cleaning supply companies to secure the best deals for our customers. These partnerships give us access to a wide assortment of cleaning, maintenance and repair products at the lowest possible prices.

We save money. You save money. And by working together, we reduce the impact we have on the environment as well! 

Save money on cleaning supplies by going green.

Our goal is to use and sell products that are environmentally responsible and reduce your overall cost. The products we recommend help lower your facility’s environmental impact, reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, conserve water and lower operating costs. For example, we use highly-concentrated, liquid cleaning products and metered dispenser systems. We’re able to provide the dispensers for a very low price – sometimes for free. Learn more.

What products can we help you find?

We go way beyond hand soap and paper towels! We know where to get the best prices on all the items that help your building run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We can help you source items like HVAC filters, light bulbs, floor mats, tools, batteries, ice removal products, storage supplies and more. We’re available to place your order, pick it up and deliver it right to your door!

Don’t overpay for the items you use every day. 

Cleansolution customers save money on cleaning supplies and many other common items. When you work with us, you’ll get access to quality products and convenient delivery options that get you more for your money. 

We’d love to help you find the supplies you need at the best prices! Contact us.