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Save money with eco-friendly cleaning practices

You don’t have to sacrifice the planet to save your budget

Cleansolution committed to earth-friendly cleaning practices from the beginning. So we’ve watched the idea of “green cleaning” evolve from a niche option for a few pioneering businesses to a high-demand and growing preference among customers. We’ve also learned how we can work with clients to help them save money with eco-friendly cleaning practices.

Because interest in eco-friendly cleaning methods has increased dramatically since the early 2000s, we’ve seen the cost for green products come down as well, which is great news for our customers!

Modern green cleaning programs should not cost you extra money. In fact, going green is our favorite way to actually save our customers money! Green cleaning is a win-win-win 

How going green benefits you:

  • You save money because you can take advantage of Cleansolution’s deep discounts on wholesale, concentrated cleaners, disinfectants and other sustainable supplies.
  • You improve employee morale and build customer trust by communicating your concern for human health and environmental protection. 
  • You reduce the risk of accidental workplace exposure to hazardous cleaning chemicals. 

How going green benefits planet Earth:

  • Products come in highly-concentrated, long-lasting formulas, meaning fewer plastic containers enter the waste stream. 
  • Replacing single-use cleaning products (disposable wipes, paper towels, mop heads) with washable, microfiber products means less waste in landfills. 
  • Dilution control systems help prevent wasting water and cleaning products
  • EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants break down easily into benign substances when they enter the wastewater system, reducing damage to plant and animal life. 

How going green benefits Cleansolution:

  • We pay lower prices for highly-concentrated cleaning products and reduce our reliance on single-use items (like disposable cleaning cloths). 
  • We create safer working conditions because we reduce exposure to irritating, potentially hazardous chemicals for our employees and contractors. 
  • We share our expertise in green cleaning systems and improve our relationships with customers, advancing their goals for safe, sustainable workplaces. 

Let’s do the math

Take a look at this quick breakdown for a staple item we’re all familiar with: paper towels. For a long time, folded-paper towels were popular because they offer the convenience of being pre-cut and are sometimes preferred for aesthetic reasons.

But let’s look at the cost and eco-friendly advantages of rolled towels.

🌱 Rolled towels are faster and more cost-efficient to manufacture

🌱 They can be shipped as-is, without extra paper wrapping

🌱 Rolled towels can be installed in a touchless, metered-usage dispenser

🌱 Typically rolled towels cost our customers 10-30% LESS than the folded style!

Ready to see the green difference?

As green cleaning systems continue to grow in popularity, we’re helping more and more customers make the switch! Schedule a green cleaning consult with us today and we’ll show you how to save money with eco-friendly cleaning practices, help the planet and create a safe and healthy environment for your employees and customers. Virtual consults are available for quick help at your convenience! 

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