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How Microfiber Cloth Saves You Money While Protecting Your Health

Cleansolution uses microfiber as much as possible for the following benefits:

  • Microfiber is more efficient
  • The can be reused and reduce paper consumption
  • Microfiter color coded cloths maintain a healthy workplace

Microfibers are more efficient as they enable us to perform routine cleaning faster, meaning reduced costs to you, the customer. They can clean with or without chemical cleaners, leaving lint-free, streak-free results. Our janitorial service staff can oftencan clean with just water when using microfiber cloths. They also absorb 8x its own weight in liquid and dries in half the time a regular cotton towel.

Because they can be reused by washing they are a greener eco friendly solution. They save by eliminating paper towel purchases and these savings are seen by you, our clients.

Microfibers are healthier as they reduce chemical usage. Use of microfibers alone reduces 99% of harmful germs and contaminants. Microfiber contains 90,000 fibers per square inch, and thus have the power to lift and hold dust, dirt, grease and spills without chemicals.

Microfiber Cloth color codedWe also have a color coded microfiber system  to avoid cross contamination. For example, red microfiber mops and cloths are only used in bathrooms. Blue microfibers are used in common areas. This assures us that the same products used in the bathroom will not be used to clean your office.

Using microfibers is just one of the many ways Cleansolution cleans green while reducing costs. Contact Cleansolution today see how we can save both the environment and on your budget.