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Day vs. Night Cleaning: How to decide

Day vs. night cleaning schedules—timing matters

Day vs night cleaning. It can be a tricky decision for a business. Night cleaning is a popular choice for many companies because janitorial workers can come in after tenants leave the building. However, day cleaning offers numerous benefits and can even reduce your cleaning bill – without sacrificing quality or tenant satisfaction.

What are the benefits of daytime cleaning schedules?

Save energy and protect the environment

Day cleaning may save an estimated 4-8% in energy costs because the building doesn’t need to keep the HVAC system, lights and other systems running for after-hours janitorial workers. This is particularly beneficial for LEED-certified and eco-conscious organizations.

Maximize labor efficiency

Night cleaning is a good way to cover the basics and there are certain tasks that are much easier to accomplish while the building is empty. But if you’re in the building during the day and the cleaners only come at night, you can’t provide any direction or feedback. When the building’s occupants and the cleaning staff never see each other, you end up with a lot of potential for miscommunication.

Day cleaners can listen, respond, adapt and spend their time on the highest priorities. In fact, we find that day cleaners can take on more of a “facility assistant” role rather than just functioning as janitors. This frees up managers to focus on business operations rather than cleaning concerns.

Are you currently paying for overnight cleaning and daytime cleaning staff? Some buildings need both, but many don’t. It’s possible that you could cut back on labor costs just by redirecting your day cleaners and focusing on the highest-need areas.

Improve morale and tenant satisfaction

We’ve observed that tenants in buildings that adopt a day cleaning schedule tend to report higher satisfaction with the cleaning program. Why? Because when tenants and cleaning staff share a space, there is room for interaction and cooperation. Day cleaning creates opportunities for relationships and contributes to a positive company culture around cleaning.

It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved! 

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