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Spring Cleaning 101: Outdoor Gathering & Dining Spaces

Your outdoor areas are working overtime this year. Here’s how to prepare these spaces for a busy spring and summer.

It’s a great time to be a business with a functional outdoor space! Current guidance from the CDC still states that gathering in groups outdoors is safer than gathering indoors. Access to outdoor space definitely gives you an edge in your pandemic-safe operating plan, especially as we move into (hopefully!) warmer weather. So having a plan in place for patio spring cleaning is vital.

You may be utilizing your outdoor space as a staff break room, customer waiting area or an outdoor dining space. There are a lot of possibilities! So, make sure these areas are as clean and functional as possible to maximize their usability and encourage safe social distancing.

Here’s our recommended cleaning plan for outdoor spaces

Pressure wash decks, patios, exterior walls and parking lots

Snowy, rainy winters are tough on building exteriors. It’s common to see a significant build-up of dirt, moss and mold on exterior walls, patios and walkways. Patio spring cleaning ought to include pressure washing. It will get rid of the grime and make your outdoor space more inviting.

One trend we’ve seen a lot of recently are parking lots being repurposed as outdoor dining rooms and gathering spaces. If you’re planning on utilizing a parking area this way, schedule a pressure cleaning appointment first.

Parking lots are coated in dirt, motor oil, anti-freeze, road salt etc. This is problematic from an aesthetic standpoint. And these contaminants also end up tracked into your building, which can mean extra indoor cleaning and possible damage to your flooring.

Regular outdoor cleanings prevent insect and pest problems

The last thing you want to find in an outdoor space is a hidden wasp nest or mice raiding the trash! Your cleaning company and your patio spring cleaning plan should be your first line of defense when it comes to pest control. Because we see areas of your building that may be hidden from public view, we’re often the first to notice when there’s a pest problem.

Checking regularly for pests is particularly important if your outdoor area is used for serving or consuming food. Make sure that any area used for dining is maintained throughout the day. Also, make sure trash is being disposed of properly in pest-proof receptacles.

Your cleaning company should be looking for potential pest issues and reporting them BEFORE they become a serious problem. Cleaning under roof eaves, proper disposal of food waste and vacuuming out the dark, dusty corners will also prevent pests from taking up residence inside your building and causing bigger problems.

We also recommend that you consider our day porter service, if you need assistance maintaining an outdoor dining space or staff break area.

Add high-dusting & wall wipe-downs to your outdoor cleaning plan

Pressure washing is great for achieving a really deep clean – especially after a long winter. But it’s not something you do every day. Maintaining a high level of clean in your outdoor space means doing some in-between cleanings as well.

We recommend that you add high-level dusting and wall wipe-downs to your regular plan. Exterior windows and window sills can pick up a lot of dust and walls start to accumulate grime quickly.

You should also consider high-dusting for areas such as rafters or beams in any open air structures, such as pavilions, tents or pergolas. It’s important to keep these areas clean for both sanitation and aesthetic purposes and they are often difficult to reach without special cleaning equipment.

Adding these tasks to your regular cleaning plan will keep your space clean and welcoming for guests and save you money on deep cleaning and pressure washing down the road.

Think through your seating arrangements and furniture options

We’re already seeing a big increase in how often outdoor spaces are being used. If you’re counting on an outdoor space as part of your Covid-safe reopening plan, you may need to purchase additional chairs, benches, tables and extra items like patio heaters, gas or wood- burning fire pits and additional lighting as necessary.

As you probably know, these items are all in high demand due to the pandemic. However, Cleansolution maintains close relationships with wholesale suppliers of these items and we can help you find what you need! Ask us how we can help furnish your space!

Reset your building for spring & summer!

Right now is a great time to schedule your patio spring cleaning services! Contact us today and let us know how we can help!