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Running a smooth operation for a LEED Gold certified data center

In Patrick Quinn’s professional world, being told the building is “very clean” is an ideal compliment. Patrick is a long time Cleansolution client and the Vice President of Property Operations for CloudHQ’s Virginia location—a LEED gold certified data center.

CloudHQ designs, builds, and operates mission-critical data centers for large, well-known companies. Cleanliness is not only a safety concern (Google arc flashes)—it’s also critical to CloudHQ’s black-box-meets-commercial-leasing business model. So, the presentation of their 460,000 sqft facility (roughly eight football fields) is key in attracting new clients and maintaining a sterling reputation.

Over the years of working with Patrick, we’ve taken to heart that his definition of success is the facility operating so smoothly no one notices. We’ve used a few specific strategies to meet this need and ensure CloudHQ’s buildings reflect their precise, sharp business ethos.

LEED Certification Consultation

CloudHQ facilities are LEED Gold certified. It is a significant task to become a LEED gold certified business because it requires assessing and adjusting everything from processes to what products are used. Cleansolution helped Patrick outline a janitorial program that aligned to LEED Green Seal and several other standards. We then took on a few key tasks of maintaining certification. One example: the local municipality requires LEED Gold businesses to recycle 75% of their major recyclable content. For CloudHQ that means cardboard. It’s a major task to bail cardboard non-stop but well worth it to take care of CloudHQ.

Day Porter Services

Three day porters look after common areas, admin spaces, bathrooms, etc. and specialized cleaning in critical environments (e.g. electrical rooms). They are embedded in Patrick’s team. In his words they are “an extension of my eyes and ears, keeping an eye on the whole building and identifying issues before they get out of hand.”

Proactive Planning

Meeting Patrick’s criteria for a smooth operation took on new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data centers are essential businesses. There was no time to pause and re-think. We moved quickly to staff up and thought ahead to ensure Patrick and CloudHQ would have what they needed. “We never stopped coming to work. Cleansolution has been by our side throughout it all,” Patrick shared when we caught up in December. “They provided insight. They thought ahead, buying supplies for the year to ensure consistency. No one bailed. They were willing to venture into the unknown with us.”

We love working with clients to find the best solutions for their needs. It was especially rewarding to help CloudHQ become a LEED gold certified data center. Curious how we can help you? Contact us today.