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6 Fall Cleaning Tips For Your Business

Are you ready for fall? Add these tasks to your cleaning plan now!

With just a few days of summer left to go, it’s time to transition your cleaning routine and prepare for fall. At Cleansolution, we help our customers develop holistic, seasonal cleaning plans that address potentially expensive problems and pitfalls before they even start. So what’s new for fall? We’re focused on exterior cleaning tasks, protecting your floors from water damage and planning ahead for snow and ice. For a seamless seasonal transition, try these 6 fall cleaning tips for your business!

#1: Inspect your gutters, downspouts & roof drains

All those spectacular fall leaves can create problems for your building. Gutters and roof drains collect all kinds of leaves, twigs, pine needles … sometimes we even find bird or squirrel nests! Ask your cleaning team to check drains and gutters frequently during the fall months and remove debris. This will prevent drainage issues once rainy weather arrives.

#2: Pressure wash to prevent moss & leaf buildup

Pressure washing removes moss from common problem spots like fences, parking lots, sidewalk cracks and roof overhangs. It’s also essential for removing fall leaves that decompose rapidly in wet weather. Wet leaves can create a slip hazard on sidewalks and may also leave dark stains behind. Adding a pressure washing treatment to your fall cleaning routine can prevent these problems from occurring.

#3: Order supplies for wet & snowy weather

It’s time to order items like coat racks/hooks, umbrella stands and absorbent floor mats to help manage the water and mud that will inevitably find its way into your building. Planning ahead for snow and ice? Now is a great time to order snow shovels and ice melt products as well. Because we maintain relationships with wholesale suppliers, Cleansolution customers enjoy discounted prices on these items and many more!

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of using salt to remove ice, we’ve got some good news! We help our customers find eco-friendly ice melt products that effectively treat dangerous, icy surfaces and minimize harm to the environment.

#4: Step up your floor cleaning routine

Make sure your floors get some extra TLC this fall. Ask your cleaning team to keep an eye on entryways and lobbies and mop up any water that gets tracked in as quickly as possible. Our day porter service can help with this task! Investing in high-quality mats for your entryway will minimize water damage and prevent dirt from scratching and dulling your floor’s finish.

Our general advice is to schedule a deep carpet cleaning or machine scrubbing for hard floors at least once per year. Regular maintenance extends the life of your valuable flooring and ultimately saves you money on expensive repair or replacement costs.

#5: Remove cobwebs & check for pests

Spiders, mice and other pests become a problem once cooler weather sets in. Check for holes and cracks around the exterior of your facility and ask your cleaning team to look out for signs of pest problems as well. You can also request high-dusting to remove dirt and cobwebs from hard-to-reach areas (skylights, ceiling fans, crown molding, etc.) and improve indoor air quality.  We typically recommend high-dusting as a quarterly, add-on service.

#6: Don’t forget to wash your windows

Summer often brings a lot of pollen and dust that can accumulate on your windows and eventually etch its way into the glass. Regular cleanings – at least once per year – will prevent etching and extend the lifespan of your windows, which means you’ll save money in the long run. Clean windows also maximize the natural light in your building, which is important for the mental health of your workforce as the days get shorter.

 Cleansolution can help you get ready for fall!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive cleaning solution – all the cleaning and maintenance services you need under one simple contract – look no further. We’d love to partner with you and keep your building looking its best all year long! Schedule a cleaning consultation with us today!