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Paper Towels: The Best Options For Your Business

How to pick the right type of paper towels for your business

Feeling confused by all the different types of paper towels & dispensers? Concerned about how much money your business is spending on basic supplies? We can help you sort it out! Paper towels might seem like a small decision, but they actually have significant financial and environmental implications. Read on to learn what your options are and how to choose the best type of paper towel for your business!

Why choose folded paper towels?

There are two basic options for commercial-use paper towels: folded or rolled.

Folded paper towels come in several different styles – single-fold, C-fold and multi-fold are types that you might be familiar with. Single or multi-fold towels are better than C-folds from a waste-reduction perspective because they dispense one at a time and unfold as they are removed.

Folded towels are typically stored in sleek, wall-mounted dispensers that may be preferred for aesthetic or space reasons. We do NOT recommend that you store folded paper towels in a basket or bin on the counter; this practice inevitably leads to waste, either because users take too many or because of water damage.

On the con side of the chart, users tend to grab more folded towels per handwash and they require more resources to produce and transport. They also need frequent refills, which can add labor costs to your cleaning bill. If you’re on a tight budget, running a high-traffic facility or committed to eco-conscious practices, rolled towels might be a better choice.

Best for:

  • small offices
  • low-density facilities
  • smaller spaces (due to narrow, space-saving dispensers)
  • buildings that require certain aesthetic standards

Why choose rolled paper towels?

There are two different styles of rolled paper towels to consider: center-pull and hardwound.

We don’t generally recommend center-pull paper towels because they have a habit of getting twisted up inside the dispenser (sometimes called “roping”) which makes them difficult to tear off. This results in frustration and wasted towels.

On the other hand, hardwound paper towels are the most efficient option out there! They require fewer resources to produce and minimal packaging to ship compared to folded towels. Hardwound towels can be placed in a touchless, metered dispenser which can be set to roll out the correct amount without waste. The touchless feature is also helpful for reducing surface contamination. Each roll lasts a long time and is simple to replace, which cuts down on supply and labor costs.

Overall, you can expect to save 10-30% by choosing hardwound paper towels!

Best for: 

  • high-density buildings
  • high-traffic restrooms
  • dining areas
  • businesses committed to zero waste/eco-conscious standards

Stop overpaying for cleaning supplies

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