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4 tips for an eco-friendly office

Happy Earth Day! Going green at the office doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, we help our customers reduce waste, switch to safer cleaning products AND save money! Once you master the basics, you’ll be well on your way to a greener, cleaner office that supports employee health, protects the planet and keeps your budget in check. Here are 4 tips for an eco-friendly office!

#1: Review your local recycling & composting guidelines

Here’s the bad news: recycling isn’t as simple as you might think. In the past, recycling was promoted as the solution to the plastic waste problem, but it turns out that recycling plastic has a lot of limitations. However, recycling is still an important part of your overall office waste reduction plan. 

Recycling guide for Portland, OR customers – click here! 

Recycling guide for Fairfax County, VA customers – click here! 

Food waste is another area of concern for many businesses. If you choose to set up a composting program, make sure to educate your staff about what items can be composted. Clearly labeled bins and posters are helpful.

Local rules and regulations vary widely for composting, so proper planning is a must. For example, some locations offer composting for food scraps only, while others allow compostable plastics and other items. Check your local rules first before you start composting at the office! 

Need recycling bins, compost-friendly bags or other items? We can help! 

#2: Try a daytime cleaning schedule

Energy waste is easy to overlook. It’s hard to quantify and largely invisible (unless you get hit with a hefty bill!). But if you’re looking for ways to trim your budget and help out the planet, reducing your energy consumption is a great place to start.

Here’s an easy switch to make: ask your janitorial service about a daytime cleaning schedule. 

Daytime cleaning is energy-efficient because you won’t need to power your building for a cleaning crew during the overnight hours. Day cleaning also encourages operational efficiencies, making it a better value overall. If scheduling all your cleaning services during business hours isn’t a practical option, consider a hybrid daytime/nighttime routine.

Beyond the potential energy and cost savings, our personal experience is that day cleaning promotes a positive relationship between our customers and the janitorial staff and leads to a better customer experience.

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#3: Switch to rolled paper towels (not folded!)

Here’s a secret that many people don’t know about: rolled paper towels are eco-friendly and less expensive than the folded style. Here are the benefits of rolled paper towels:

  • Require fewer resources to produce
  • Ship without additional packaging – just a cardboard box! 
  • Dispensers are touchless & metered to reduce waste & contamination
  • Cost 10-30% less than the folded style! 

Save the planet. Save your budget. Switch to rolled paper towels! 

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#4: Switch to low-waste, non-toxic cleaning products

When you’re choosing a commercial cleaning company, ask how they source their cleaning products.  An eco-conscious janitorial service will choose products that are highly concentrated, which means fewer plastic bottles. They should also use dilution-control systems that conserve water and reduce the amount of product that goes to waste. 

Another common concern with cleaning products is their impact on human health and the potentially damaging effect they can have on plant and animal life. Ask your cleaning team to use non-toxic, biodegradable products in your building whenever possible. 

Concerned about toxic cleaning products? We can help! 

Bonus tips!

  • If you have kitchen space, consider providing reusable coffee mugs, dishes & utensils
  • Consider installing water bottle fill stations to reduce paper cup & plastic bottle waste
  • Replace liquid hand soap with foam soap to reduce water consumption
  • Portland metro customers: get your FREE green business checklist for more eco-friendly strategies!

Remember: we can help you source the supplies and equipment you need at wholesale prices. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll deliver it right to your door!

Need more cleaning tips for your eco-friendly office?

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