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Cleaning a pet-friendly office?

Create a safe & healthy work environment for your team & their pets!

Many companies, including big brands like Google, Ben & Jerry’s and Etsy have adopted a “pets welcome” policy and encourage their employees to bring their fur babies to work. Employees report that coworking with animals offers many benefits, such as reduced stress levels and better relationships with their coworkers. But cleaning for a pet-friendly office requires a little bit of extra care. Plan ahead and follow these simple strategies to keep your employees and their pets healthy and happy!

Plan for extra vacuuming & establish pet-friendly zones 

Removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery takes extra time. Make sure you communicate your pet-friendly policy with the cleaning team to get an accurate quote. 

It’s also important to establish rules about where pets are allowed. Can they roam the building freely? Are they allowed to lounge on the sofas in the lobby? Establishing specific areas where pets are welcome and prohibited will allow for targeted cleaning in the pet zones and reduce your cleaning time elsewhere. 

Be mindful of allergies & employee preferences

Pets are fun to have around for many people but they may trigger severe allergies or anxiety in others. Be mindful of those in your office who suffer from allergies and make sure your space has adequate ventilation. It may also be helpful to upgrade the filters in your HVAC system and bring in some portable air purifiers. 

Some people are simply not “pet people” and might feel uncomfortable with animals in their workspace. Encourage open communication about pet preferences and consider rearranging your office to allow for pet-friendly and pet-free areas. 

Establish waste stations in outdoor exercise areas

It’s helpful to have an outdoor area where pets can exercise and socialize if possible. If you decide to create a dedicated outdoor space for animals, make sure you set up a pet waste station with plastic baggies, hand sanitizer and easily accessed trash cans. 

Keep a stocked clean-up kit on hand for accidents

Find a place in your office to store a clean-up kit with supplies like paper towels, carpet cleaning spray, a scoop, disposable gloves and plastic baggies. Cleaning up immediately after an accident will help save you money on deep cleaning and prevent permanent damage to flooring and upholstery. 

Remember that Cleansolution can help you source all of these items at a significant discount. Using cost-effective cleaning supplies is one of the many ways that we save our customers money!

Floor-level windows may require extra cleaning

Dogs love to see what’s going on outside. However, they also love to press their noses against the glass and maybe give it a few slobbery licks for good measure! That means you’ll need to ask your cleaning team to keep an eye on low-level windows and maybe add an extra window cleaning or two to your routine. 

Keep bowls, beds & toys organized

Want to minimize the time and labor portion of your cleaning bill? Ask the pet parents on your staff to keep food and water bowls, snacks, chew toys, beds and other accessories neatly stowed away when they aren’t being used. Trying to clean around the clutter will always add extra costs to your bill. Communicate your expectations for responsible pet care and make keeping things neat a group project. 

Need to update your office cleaning plan for pets?

Pets can be a terrific addition to your team, but cleaning a pet-friendly office does require some adjustments to your cleaning plan. We can help! Schedule a video chat with us today to start your personal cleaning consultation!