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Day vs. Night Cleaning: How to decide

Day vs. night cleaning schedules—timing matters.

Day vs night cleaning. It can be a tricky decision for a business. Night cleaning is a popular choice for many companies because janitorial workers can come in after tenants leave the building. However, day cleaning offers numerous benefits to those with a tighter budget, without sacrificing quality.

What are the benefits of daytime cleaning schedules?

Save energy and protect the environment.

Day cleaning saves up to 35 percent in energy costs because the building doesn’t need to keep the HVAC system, lights and other systems running for after-hours janitorial workers. This benefit is particularly beneficial for LEED-certified and eco-conscious organizations.

Lower your labor costs.

Night shift employees often earn higher wages compared to employees who work during the day. And in some cases, an organization may also need to pay for security personnel to be present while the overnight cleaning team is working. Your business could eliminate these additional labor costs just by opting for a daytime cleaning schedule. 

Get on-site help with daily tasks.

An overnight cleaning schedule can be convenient and appropriate for some industries, but we know that messes and problems are bound to pop up during business hours. If you’re currently paying for an overnight cleaning team and daytime janitorial staff, you may save money by moving to a daytime cleaning schedule. 

Daytime janitorial workers with comprehensive commercial cleaning companies often double as day porters who are attentive to your facility’s  needs.

Improve morale and tenant satisfaction.

We’ve observed that in buildings with day cleaning schedules, tenants tend to report higher satisfaction with the cleaning program. Why? Because when tenants and cleaning staff share a space, there is more opportunity for interaction and cooperation. Communication is simpler and any issues that come up can be resolved quickly. 

It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved! 

Ready to switch up your cleaning schedule and lower your bill? Contact us today to get started!