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Green Office Cleaning: What is green cleaning and why is it so important in your workplace?

Green office cleaning is the use of cleaning techniques and products with eco-friendly ingredients designed to preserve health and environmental quality. Often one thinks that green products only have a positive impact on the outdoors. While protecting the outdoors from chemicals is important, green office cleaning can drastically improve the indoor environment as well. Pollution […]
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Avoid Sick Building Syndrome

Why should you be concerned about poor indoor air pollution in your work place? Indoor pollution has a significant effect on health.  The bad health effects are known as (SBS) “Sick Building Syndrome”. Occupants experience acute health and comfort effects linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be […]

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CleanSolution Services only uses certified GREEN Cleaning Supplies for your office or facility

With Cleansolution Services(CSS) you have a company that only uses janitorial supplies that are green. You don’t have to worry if these supplies meet the proper green certifications.   For example our paper supplies like paper towels and toilet paper are approved by third party  nonprofit organizations and In some cases it is a […]

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Tips on hiring the best cleaning service company for your office

Decide on how much office cleaning service is actually needed, then plan out a budget. Remember, even though you are paying for the commercial janitorial service lots of valuable time and energy will be saved that can be dedicate to your business mission.  You don’t have to use your human resources to find and train […]

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