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Green Office Cleaning: What is green cleaning and why is it so important in your workplace?

Green office cleaning is the use of cleaning techniques and products with eco-friendly ingredients designed to preserve health and environmental quality.

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Often one thinks that green products only have a positive impact on the outdoors. While protecting the outdoors from chemicals is important, green office cleaning can drastically improve the indoor environment as well.

Pollution indoors is typically 2-5 times worse than outdoors. Because of poor ventilation, hazardous chemicals have nowhere to go and thus they tend to accumulate.  As a result, up to 50% of illnesses are caused by indoor air.

The office workplace is where many people spend a significant amount of their time in. Researchers have reported that 3 to 34 minutes a day, per worker are lost due to a bad indoor environment. Those 3 minutes could be blowing a nose, rubbing eyes or dealing with a headache that can reduce performance for many hours. At worst this can lead to more sick days being taken. And in a close-quarters environment, coworkers can contract the sickness and it can spread fast.

Office workers are also exposed to hazardous chemicals from an office cleaner’s supplies and equipment. The cleaning industry uses over 6 billion pounds of potentially harmful chemicals annually. When office cleaners clean they dust and wipe desks and counters, often exposing one’s staff to hazardous cleaning agents and contaminants.

Third-party and science-based green certificated office cleaning products have been shown to clean in commercial environments with appropriate amounts not toxic to occupants. Green Seal ( and EcoLogo ( certified products are the most recognized of these certifications. Green cleaning products are part of a newer technology that allows for cost effective cleaning as well. In the last few years many green products have been approved and perform well. It is now easier than ever to replace hazardous chemical cleaners with green ones. They are also typically the same price or can even cost less! Plus, one receives the added benefits of drastically reducing harm to both worker health and the environment.

The benefits of green office cleaning will be:

  • improvement of health of office building occupants
  • increased productivity of occupants
  • reduced absenteeism
  • a return on your ROI
  • positive perception of being eco friendly

Do not hesitate to switch to a green cleaning program for your office. Usually there are no upfront costs and it can be very quick to switch to a green program. Many professional office cleaning companies have implemented green cleaning programs while remaining competitively priced when compared to conventional cleaning companies.

If your present cleaning provider does not have a green cleaning program or green selection of cleaning products, contact CleanSolution Services today to get on your on the path to a well-cleaned and well-maintained facility. We offer free green cleaning evaluations of your office’s cleaning program and offer suggestions on how to be greener, healthier and increase your office’s sustainability efforts.