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How to Lower Janitorial Costs

How to Lower Janitorial Costs

In light of the recent and upcoming increases in minimum wage rates, many of our current and prospective clients are curious about they can save on their janitorial expenses. As they acquire bids to determine the company that will offer the best value for their money, we’re confident that we will come out on top.

Competitive Costs for Commercial Cleaning Services

On July 1, 2016, Senate Bill 1532 (2016) increased the minimum wage rate throughout Oregon. The wage rate will increase annually through 2023 to $14.75 per hour in the Portland metropolitan area. After 2023, minimum wage rates will be calculated based on inflation. Other states, cities and counties across U.S. experienced similar minimum wage increases.

How We Will Help Clients Navigate Rate Increases

With more than 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we’ve heard numerous stories about customers receiving nonessential cleaning services only because the labor rates were inexpensive. For example, is it necessary to remove the trash from under desks daily? Does paying for “wall to wall” vacuuming daily make sense? Should your employees be responsible for cleaning their desk? We will help current and future clients redesign their janitorial and maintenance programs so they receive the high-quality services they need and save money.

We look at janitorial and maintenance services from an integrated perspective because all business facilities—including yours—are ecosystems. By doing this, we learn how maintenance service providers and the occupants in a facility can better interact and work together to maintain a clean and healthy work space.

Clients do not always have to pay more for janitorial related services although the minimum wage rate is increasing. There are many ways to stretch your janitorial maintenance budget by including only the services your facility needs. When examining maintenance expenses, you might find money-saving services you no longer need that you can redirect to cover the increase in labor costs brought by minimum wage increases.

We will examine other maintenance and cleaning cost. Are you paying too much for window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor care? Most businesses are paying too much for bathroom supplies such as hand towels, toilet paper, soap, trash bags. We can help save money there too.

As you consider janitorial companies, keep in mind that the best janitorial service providers use the best equipment, thereby increasing productivity and quality. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all model for our services. Instead, we help you identify the services that can be performed on an “as needed basis” to save you money.

CLEANSOLUTION Services welcomes the minimum wage rate increase because it will greatly improve the lives of our employees and others in service industries. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can reduce your commercial cleaning costs while retaining the cleaning services you need to keep your property in top shape.

To keep our rates competitive and to continue provide our clients with excellent service, we outlined 5 ways to keep your janitorial budget similar although labor rates are increasing. We will explain ways to optimize your facility maintenance budget through these 5 tactics: scheduled cleaning frequencies, integrated commercial cleaning services, day cleaning, pay-as-you-go janitorial services, and cost-effective cleaning supplies.

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