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Our Story

You’re surrounded by go-getters.

We work in the background, but we keep our goals front and center: Be the best comprehensive commercial cleaning company in our market. Make all of our clients happy 100% of the time. And—our favorite—help other businesses achieve the success we have.

Our work stems from gratitude. We’re living proof of the American Dream, a multi-generation family-owned business built out of nothing. When our family fled El Salvador in 1981, we feared for our lives. But the United States welcomed us as political refugees, even though we had little to offer but a willingness to work hard.

The turning point came when Boris B. Barrios got his first job in the United States as an entry-level cleaner. Things were tough for a while. When you don’t speak the language, you have to work even harder to get ahead. But he was born for entrepreneurship and just kept climbing.

Boris Co-founded CleanSolution Services on May 31, 2001 with $1,000 and a passion for the American Dream. The day he started his own cleaning company, he made his wife, Marta, the sole owner. She’s the heart and soul of our business as well as our family. She treats even our newest team members as if they are a part of the family. She reminds us what it means to belong to something larger than ourselves.

So things are pretty good here, and we’re grateful.

We want everyone to succeed like we have. We love knowing that when we complete a job for you, we’re not just helping our own business

—we’re also helping yours.