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Beating Bacteria by Cleaning with Microfiber

Advances in technology in commercial green cleaning janitorial services have created cleaning products and tools that are beneficial to the environment, help prevent the spread of germs and infection, and are more efficient and economical to use. One such advance is the in the production of microfiber products, especially those used in commercial and office […]
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Save Money, Choose a Green Cleaning Company

When companies are looking to help save the environment while being as financially responsible as possible, they will likely want to begin by choosing a reputable janitorial green cleaning company. Cleaning agencies that are dedicated to using green products, in fact, will usually not cost more. With the environmental movement taking center stage these days, […]
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Green Office Cleaning: What is green cleaning and why is it so important in your workplace?

Green office cleaning is the use of cleaning techniques and products with eco-friendly ingredients designed to preserve health and environmental quality. Often one thinks that green products only have a positive impact on the outdoors. While protecting the outdoors from chemicals is important, green office cleaning can drastically improve the indoor environment as well. Pollution […]
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Green Cleaning saves you money over traditional cleaning

It’s a myth that green cleaning is more expensive than the standard chemical based cleaning. While this might have been the case a decade ago, it is no longer true. Green cleaning supplies and methods are in many cases cheaper now.  Green cleaning equipment is more ergonomic, producing faster clean up jobs and it also […]

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Childworks Learning Center was recognized for using green solutions with CleanSolution

Our friends at Childsworks Learning Center gets recognition with an Eco-Healthy Child Care designation award from the national Children’s Environmental Health Network for their green efforts with the help of CLEANSOLUTION’s Healthy-Green Cleaning Program! Follow link for more information.

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