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Green cleaning saves you money over traditional cleaning

It’s a myth that green cleaning is more expensive than the standard chemical based cleaning. While this might have been the case a decade ago, it is no longer true. Green cleaning supplies and methods are in many cases cheaper now. Green cleaning equipment is more ergonomic, producing faster clean up jobs and it also reduces waste.

Green cleaning supplies, such as window and counter top spray cleaners, are made of natural ingredients.

In most cases, they are cheaper than their chemical based counterparts. At Cleansolutions will give you a cost analysis of traditional cleaning supplies vs. the green cleaning supplies as proof.

Green cleaning equipment is more ergonomic.

Ergonomics help the user to be able to cover more area in less time. Our cleaning staff has the right equipment and supplies to the job right and comfortably. We do not use equipment that is cumbersome to use. For example we use backpack vacuums that are user friendly.  They are light, powerful and can easily be carried and feel natural to use without requiring bad repetitive motions. Also our equipment is easy to service and maintain. Our staff does it right because they have the right tools and the labor savings are onto you, too.

The performance of green cleaning supplies can be more efficient.

For example instead of moving dust particles around they remove it quickly. We can typically do jobs faster than with old traditional cleaning supplies.

Cheaper, faster, and more efficiency are the qualities of green cleaning. You get this while at the same time getting better health and a greener environment. The goal of green cleaning is a healthier indoor environment.  Proper sanitizing and a clean workplace reduces sick leave and absenteeism for you. Our company also has healthier and efficient staff too, resulting in a cost savings to you as well.