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Pay-as-You-Go Janitorial Services

Can Pay-as-You-Go Commercial Janitorial Services Save a Business Time & Money?

One of the smart ways that facility managers and business owners are reducing overhead costs is by selecting desired janitorial services at a fixed price, a more à la carte option. These fixed priced services can be performed at varying frequencies on an as-needed basis, with the customer choosing what cleaning and when it is done based on the unique needs of your facility. While it’s convenient to pay a company clean for comprehensive daily services, you might be paying too much, especially if some of the services are performed too frequently. When you work with us, you are in control.

Another way to do this is to schedule out specific cleaning tasks and be billed per labor hour it takes perform them. Again, the value here is the customer decides when and what gets cleaned based on their needs. When high janitorial cost is an issue, the customer is at a better position to determine what does not need to be cleaned.

Gaining Control over Commercial Cleaning Costs

When seeking a commercial janitorial service, look for one that offers a fixed price option for some or all of your cleaning needs. This allows you to pay for the services you need, when you need them. When you request a bid, it is important to know the services you need and their frequency you require in advance. The facility or office manager will be responsible for determining the final maintenance needs.

Here is an example of a list of cleaning services that make a good fit for fixed price or à la carte option:

  • Pay what is needed when it’s needed
    • High dusting above 6ft.
    • Clean baseboards
    • Wall-to-wall vacuuming
    • Deep cleaning
    • Cleaning inside of refrigerators
    • Spot cleaning of carpet spills
    • Cleaning of work stations/desks
    • Spot cleaning of interior glass
    • Spot cleaning walls
    • Scrubbing of bathroom floors
    • Detail cleaning of trash containers

Include low-use areas that need cleaning on a varying basis. This prevents neglect in areas that are simple to overlook, and prevents from paying to “over clean” an area.

A reputable commercial cleaning contractor offers fair, transparent pricing. They respect your right to receive only the services you need and understand how you’re spending your money. With CLEANSOLUTION Services, you’ll receive white-glove treatment without breaking the bank. Experience the difference for yourself and request a quote today.

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