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Day VS Night Commercial Cleaning

Day VS Night Commercial Cleaning: Performance & Cost Analysis

Companies that use nighttime commercial cleaning services might find that reducing overhead costs is as simple to switching to daytime cleaning services. Night cleaning is a popular choice for many companies because janitorial workers come in after tenants leave the building. Day cleaning, however, offers numerous benefits to those with a tighter budget without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of Day Cleaning Janitorial Services

Energy Savings

Day cleaning saves up to 35 percent in energy costs because the building doesn’t need to keep the HVAC system, lights and other systems running for after-hours janitorial workers. The big saver is not needing to keep the lights on at night. This benefit is particularly beneficial for LEED-certified and green organizations.

Labor Costs

To make working at night more attractive, some companies give nightshift employees a higher salary than those who work during the day. With the recent minimum wage increase, the cost of labor will increase across the board. Switching to day cleaning will help ease the financial burden that this could cause.

Some organizations that use night cleaning services might also hire extra security for the building. When a company switches to day cleaning, it may not require additional nighttime security personnel.

Comprehensive Services

Companies that use night cleaning sometimes hire day porters to perform maintenance and other tasks during business hours. Daytime janitorial workers with integrated commercial cleaning companies often double as day porters who are attentive to your building needs.

Improved Morale

In buildings with day cleaning programs, tenants tend to have higher satisfaction ratings, particularly because it’s simpler for them to communicate with cleaning workers. When employees work in the same environment as janitorial staff, they become more aware and respectful of cleaning staff.

Is Day Cleaning Right for You?

While day cleaning offers numerous benefits over night cleaning, it isn’t right for every organization. Before making the switch, determine:

  • • If daytime janitorial workers might interfere with business activities and vice versa. Keep in mind that the cleaners can arrive early in the morning before most office workers arrive.
  • • The amount of traffic and soiling: A building that undergoes heavy use that results in several soiled surfaces might benefit the most from night cleaning. Most office building do not fall under this category.
  • • If it would be better to have day cleaners complete their work at the beginning of the day or come in at staggered times throughout the day
  • • The flexibility of the cleaning program: Depending on the building and the activities that occur within it, a mix of night and day cleaning could be best

Making the Switch from Night Cleaning to Day Cleaning

  1. Communicate: After obtaining approval to switch from night to day cleaning, make tenants or employees aware of the changes and the expected benefits. It is a good idea to communicate the change about eight weeks in advance.
  2. Plan: The most effective, money-saving cleaning program is one that’s well thought-out. As you develop a day cleaning program, keep in mind that you don’t have to do it alone. We are happy to help. After finalizing the details, put them in writing so you and others know what duties the janitorial workers will perform, when and where.
  3. Know the details: Those affected by the janitorial services change might want to learn more about noise levels and the cleaning chemicals used. When you work with us, you will have peace of mind knowing that our cleaning products will not negatively affect the health of building, occupants or the environment.
  4. Transition timing: It is a good idea to stop night cleaning on the last day of the workweek (i.e., Friday) and begin day cleaning on the first day of the next workweek (i.e., Monday). This will make the transition more natural for tenants or workers, and it will give the commercial cleaning company the time it needs to prepare.

Saving on janitorial costs without affecting sanitation or cleanliness levels might be as simple as switching from night to day. Because this type of change in routine is not without its own challenges, it’s best to work closely with a commercial cleaning service to make the transition as simple as possible. Learn more about how to save money by switching from night to day janitorial services and contact us today!

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