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Commercial Cleaning for Property Management Companies

Need a professional cleaning service for your multi-tenant property? Here are 4 questions to ask first. 

Cleaning and maintaining multi-site or multi-tenant buildings comes with a unique set of challenges for property managers. It can be difficult to find the right professional cleaning partner for your multi-tenant property—a partner who has the right mix of cleaning expertise, flexibility and responsive customer service. 

Our goal is to make your partnership with us as effortless as possible! We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting a customer service plan that addresses the most common concerns and problems we hear from property and facility managers. Here are some questions to keep in mind when choosing a cleaning partner for your property portfolio. 

1. How are service requests resolved? 

Here’s a common scenario: there’s an urgent maintenance issue in your building and you need help NOW. You call customer service. You might get voicemail. You might get someone who’s new and doesn’t know you. You might get transferred to three different departments, explain your story again and again and STILL not get a resolution before you hang up. 

Frustrating, right? 

Our solution: we’ve spent over 20 years perfecting a customer service plan that our clients absolutely love. First, we’ll match you with a personal account manager and introduce you to the lead cleaners in charge of your building. Next, we set you up with easy communication tools. We’ll connect you with Streem, our video chat platform and OrangeQC, our service request ticketing system. 

No phone tag or lost emails!  

Your OrangeQC service requests are instantly visible to the entire team at Cleansolution—including senior management. Your request will be directed to the person in charge of your account AND their support team. 

Need to show us exactly what the problem is? We’ll hop on Streem with you and take a look in real time!  

2. Can I bundle all my cleaning & maintenance needs into one plan?

A common concern for property managers is the hassle of trying to manage multiple vendor contracts. When you have several different cleaning contractors working in one building, it’s difficult to know who’s in charge of what area or who to contact when something goes wrong. Plus, you run the risk of duplicating work, since some tasks may overlap. 

Our solution: we’re a comprehensive commercial cleaning company, which means you can bundle all your daily, weekly, monthly and annual services under one contract! Our subscription option makes it even easier to setup your cleaning services and know that your property will be cleaned consistently, on a frequency that works best for your property, team and clients. Our customers enjoy a wider range of cleaning services and faster response times with our Cleansolution Collective partners. We work with other local cleaning companies to offer specialized services, emergency cleaning and more. We interview and vet each Collective partner to ensure that their values and standards align with ours, which means that you get reliable, quality service every time! 

3. What is the staff turnover rate?  

How can you have an effective cleaning plan when you’re not even sure who will be in your building today or next week? High turnover of janitorial staff leads to confusion, miscommunication, subpar cleaning standards and a host of other problems. 

Our solution: we minimize turnover and increase retention by paying fair and competitive wages. We’re also committed to proper training and licensing to protect our workers from abuse, exploitation and unsafe labor practices. Because we treat our employees and Cleansolution Collective partners well, we’ve maintained loyal relationships between staff and management.

4. Will this cleaning plan minimize waste & reduce costs? 

Some commercial cleaning plans come with a set menu of services and don’t give you much flexibility. And many customers are unaware that “overcleaning” is a real thing. Your current cleaning routine might include TOO MANY services that you don’t need, instead of focusing on what’s truly necessary. 

Our solution: we’ll give you a fully customizable cleaning plan based on your building’s daily traffic and occupancy. We offer multiple levels of service to match your budget and you’re free to add or remove a service at any time! 

We’re here for you. 

Questions about how we can support your property management company? Schedule a video chat with us today!