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The 10 Commandments of Cleaning Services: how to run your own cleaning business

Recently our founder, Boris Barrios, wrote down the principles that have guided his career. These principles have been refined over decades of working with diverse clients. They are the foundation of what Cleansolution is and how we work.

Starting a cleaning business is an intensive process that requires abilities we all have and that we all can develop. The service industry is emotionally demanding. Dealing with human behavior is challenging and intense. We must learn to act and not react to service calls. A client wants a response to their need with a sense of urgency. In essence, they are seeking a solution.

Abiding by a set of principles is critical for any entrepreneur to achieve their business goals. When we have a set of principles to follow, the chance to achieve success becomes feasible.

Over the years, I have learned that the details of how to start and run a good business distill down to ten principles. These ideas are inspired in the Ten Commandments of Moses and The Canons of Conduct in Life of Thomas Jefferson, and honed over decades of working with many clients. These principles can be enacted on in any order. Together, they help businesses and relationships succeed.

1. Have a dream of ownership.

A dream of ownership is the intangible force of success in business. Entrepreneurs are driven by dreams not money and inspiration is the blood of a dream.

2. Believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities to deliver an excellent service, above and beyond customer expectations.

3. Have faith in your ideas.

By definition faith is the belief of something that has not been seen, yet. Your faith in the successful outcome of your business must be a clear conviction.

4. Apply common sense in your endeavors.

Common sense is an ability we all have. It is the wisdom to interpret perception and sensitivity to what is going on around us and how others are communicating with words, but also with actions and body language. Make the time to understand your clients’ needs deeply and precisely.

5. Be a dreamer with a foundation in reality.

I started my business with $1,000.00 initial capital. It was a very limited amount to acquire equipment and materials, but enough for the basic tools and materials. Work with what you have and not with elements you don’t have. The unlimited resource is your dream.

6. Be legit and formal.

Perception is the unseen reality. Your customer will buy from businesses that appear to be legal and formal. This is basic to establish trust. Clients make purchases based in trust in the company they are hiring. Practically, this means set up your EIN number, state business license, a business bank account and acquire insurance. These are simple tasks that must be done.

7. Never promise what you can’t deliver.

Be truthful otherwise the trust between you and customers will be lost. Know when to say “yes” and “no.”

8. Attend to your business with a sense of urgency.

Develop a policy to respond to your clients immediately if possible. In essence, nobody likes waiting. When clients complain, hear it as they want to work with you. Indifference is the danger.

9. Continuously innovate.

Be aware of your competition. This must be a permanent task. Learn what they do better or different. Do not follow them, rather analyze what they are doing to determine where there are opportunities to fill a different need or offer better service. Business attitudes and technology change constantly.

10. Say thank you, all the time.

Gratitude is the positive energy appreciated by all people. Cleaning service is about people’s concerns and needs.