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Dilution Control Systems save money while being green

Dilution control systems have many benefits for business. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Dilution control systems can help you save money. 

The dilution control system mixes concentrated cleaner with water without manual measurement. So, cleaning staff don’t accidentally over use cleaning concentrates and we, the cleaning company, don’t overspend. We actually use less cleaner which saves you money.

They are easy to use, safe and precise.

The system is very easy to use. Water is added to cleaning concentrate to make cleaning solutions. The results are precise and accurate cleaning solutions. Cleaning crews will get accurate dilutions every time across all flow rates.  Dilution control systems are also spill safe and tamper resistant. Precision and these safety features avoid inaccurate dilution which can lead to non-compliance with government regulations, inaccurate chemical potency or environmental hazards.

Less waste and chemicals means a greener outcome.

Liquid concentrates need less storage and use less packaging. Also, because the dilution system is precise it conserves water and chemicals. Plus, the concentrate bottles are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled. This creates a greener system.

How dilution control systems work:

Just connect a hose to concentrated filling stations and fill our small hand held liquid bottles. There are separate chemicals for each task:

  • Hydrox for windows
  • Floor cleaner for mop buckets
  • A carpet cleaner
  • An everyday multipurpose cleaner.

A dilution cleaning system is cost-effective, easy to use and ready to dispense rapidly.

Learn about other ways green cleaning can save you money, and contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs.