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Backpack vacs get the job done better and faster

Cleansolution uses the best cleaning equipment to get the job done efficiently and well. Vacuums are a major part of our cleaning regiment as many of our clients have carpeting at their office site. We clean as many times as required, depending on how much foot traffic there is.

Our vacuums are ergonomically designed for our crews. They are not cumbersome and heavy to use. This helps us do our job faster and right. That way we don’t have to charge you lots of hours for labor and you get a cleaner office faster!

The benefits of our vacs:

  • Dust Control
  • Versatile, Fast, Durable
  • Industrial Strength cleaning

Our vacs keep control of dust. Instead of pushing dust around, our vacs suck it out with their superior suction.  They use a multi stage filtration system, which capture particles into a reusable micro filter bag.  This high level filtration has reduced time spent dusting in office areas. With the old upright models dust used to escape from the filter bags and settle on furnishing. Not anymore.

Backpack vacs are also versatile and fast! Our crews are able to cover more area in a given unit of time. We go through more rooms faster whether it be break and locker rooms, office areas or kitchenettes. Since the vacs are highly maneuverable, crews can clean around production and packaging machines, shipping dock equipment, and any other obstacles.  They can perform well on concrete, tile and carpet. All this while creating less fatigue and more comfort for our cleaning staff.

Since the vacs are light and portable we are able to get into more spots. We can use them to clean vents, furniture, shelving, window blinds, and other surfaces.  Tools carried on the padded waist belt enable changing attachments. Extension wands reach high spots without step ladders.

Our backpack vacs are also durable. They don’t break down as often and don’t use those belts that need replacing often. With older upright floor vacs you will be constantly replacing belts, brushes….we and our clients had to absorb these costs!

Because they are faster we need less power to power them. The filters and parts need less replacing. This keeps us being green because the consume less material and power.

As a result, our vacs produce industrial strength cleaning. We have replaced our entire fleet of uprights with these backpacks. They offer better dust removal, versatility, improved productivity, and reduced maintenance costs for our Cleansolution crew. Our clients get a clean office done right faster and on budget.