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The Arlo Go: Cloud Based Peace of Mind

Security cameras have come a long way from imposing boxes lurking high in corners. Like many other industries, advancements with technology have given customers more options and driven down prices. Janitorial companies have embraced these new, more affordable, options as a useful new tool to ensure their customer’s satisfaction. Our preferred cloud-based security camera is the Arlo Go.

As always, whenever installing a camera, it is important to maintain transparency with whoever may use the area. Being clear with employees is the best way to ensure the trust already forged between management and employees isn’t at risk of being broken.

How the Janitorial Industry is Using Low Cost Cloud-Based Cameras

  • Janitorial Managers can monitor cleaning crews remotely
  • Track crew arrivals and departures
  • Aids in calculating time and cost when cleaning an area
  • Monitor areas affected by theft in the past

Why We Use a Cloud-based Security Camera

At Cleansolution, we were tasked with finding a solution to a client request regarding a space in their building. The client wasn’t sure if trash was being properly taken care of. The cleaners confirmed it was but we wanted to be sure. The client was willing to have a camera installed to get to the bottom on the issue. So, after some research, we found the Arlo Go. With features like motion triggered recording and scheduled recording hours, the Arlo Go was the perfect balance of security, transparency and privacy in a cloud-based security camera.

The footage proved that no party involved was actually responsible and the work was being done at the appropriate times. The footage helped restore the trust and confidence between the customer and Cleansolution. It also provided invaluable data to help us figure out a better approach to services and scheduling. In the example case, a change in time or frequency of trash emptying.

Arlo Go Benefits

  • Low Equipment Cost – Drastically lower than a traditional CCTV system
  • Scheduled Recording – Record when you want
  • A modern look – Clean and compact, no eyesores or distracting lights.
  • Cloud-based Storage – Easy, automatic and organized storage.
  • No wifi required – Connects to the internet via cellular service
  • Excellent video quality – No need to squint to make out a blurry face, or having to listen carefully to muffled voices.

While the list of benefits Wi-Fi cameras boast is applaudable, they come with a few caveats. They need a power source and a Wi-Fi network. The Arlo Go resolves these issues by using a removable 3660mAh rechargeable battery. Under regular use situations a full charge can last 2.5 months, with the option of being hooked up to a power source for a more worry-free experience. Adding to its wire free capabilities, this cloud-based security camera can connect to 3G and LTE networks, allowing it to be placed anywhere 100% wire-free.

What really makes the Arlo Go such an attractive option is the ease of use and access to the recorded video. Not only can the video archives be accessed from anywhere, the live video feed can be viewed on computers and even tablets and phones via the Arlo app. The feeds can be shared, allowing anyone with the appropriate clearance to be able to view.

With our hands-on experience, we’ve found the Arlo Go and other Arlo cameras to be an indispensable tool for ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. We’ve been so impressed with the features and performance that we even use Arlo cameras in our office for our own security needs.