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How to Deep Clean a Restaurant with a Commercial Cleaning Contractor

There are many good reasons people turn to professionals to keep their restaurants clean and healthy. After all, a restaurant’s reputation rests heavily on its clean appearance. A commercial cleaning company’s experience in how to deep clean a restaurant is often top of the list.

Many restaurants already have employees doing some sort of routine cleaning, such as wiping down tables, basic mopping and sweeping the dining area and maintaining a clean restroom. This is a tried and true way to maintain a clean establishment and save money. But there are limits to what can be achieved with a simple mopping or wipe down, and that’s where Cleansolution can help.

Let the experts handle it.

What does a deep clean entail? If you’ve ever Googled “how to deep clean a restaurant” you know it’s a long, grimy list of tasks. While no restaurant space is the same, there are some common headaches restaurant managers face. Dust accumulates on ducts and dirty windows in the dining areas are all extra inconveniences when you’re trying to maintain great first impressions with customers.

Cleansolution offer a number of services to help take care of the tough tasks. And we can tailor a schedule of services to your restaurant’s cleaning needs.

Deep Clean Services List

  • Low and High dusting in seating and customer area
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen
  • Floor scrubbing and Applying floor finish
  • Pressure Washing of traffic & grease lanes
  • Window cleaning (dining area)
  • Sanitizing of refrigerators, walk-in coolers and food prep areas
  • Trash room cleaning and deodorization

The end goal of any restaurant’s cleaning routine is ultimately a clean interior. Unfortunately, the customer’s judgement doesn’t start there – it begins outside. An entrance with dirty foot-traffic lanes or grimy windows can cause a customer to walk by. If the outside isn’t clean, what does that say about the inside? (To avoid this, check out our Pressure Washing Services and Window Washing Services.)

Entrance matting can cut down on the amount of dirt tracked in by customers. There is, however, another source of grime coming from the inside the restaurant itself. Foot-traffic from servers and employees to and from the kitchen leads to grease lanes throughout the space. This mixes with other grime and builds up. This can cause unsightly discoloration but also pose a safety hazard to employees and more importantly – the customer.

Restrooms & Customer Satisfaction

Restrooms already get quite a lot of attention for customer service and sanitation reasons. More often than not in the restaurant industry, employees and customers share restrooms which puts extra focus on the facilities to remain clean.

Falling just behind the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most important areas to keep clean in any establishment. It’s so important that according to CleanLink, as of December 2010, 86% of adults in the US equated the condition of a restaurant’s bathroom with the condition of its kitchen.


With all of this in mind, it’s easy to understand why scheduled deep cleans are such an appealing option to the restaurant industry. We highly recommend that deep cleaning tasks be scheduled out yearly and/or monthly. Your budget and level of cleanliness will determine the frequency required. We will work with budgets of all kinds. Contact us today for a quote and let the experts at Cleansolution handle the rest.