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Why Hire A Cleaning Company for Construction Cleanup?

Up to 30 percent of the waste found in landfills is construction debris. This amounts to over 170 million tons per year. That’s a lot to clean, especially on your own. Meet your project deadlines and maintain your green building status by hiring a company with the same environmentally conscious values as you to handle construction cleanup.

Why Choose Green Construction Cleaning Services

Green post-construction cleaning provides the same results as traditional construction cleanup services, but the techniques and products used are different. Rather than simply hauling trash to a dumpster, green cleaning companies work with you to recycle and salvage as much as possible.

To clean the exterior and interior of a building, green cleaning professionals use nontoxic, biodegradable cleaning products that are just as effective as their traditional counterparts. However, the earth-friendly solutions are safer to handle, do not release harmful fumes, and do not pollute the environment. With individuals spending as much as 90 percent of their time indoors, it’s vital that your business’ indoor air quality remain high and promote good health. Green cleaning products and techniques do just this.

Types of Construction Cleanup

Rough Cleaning

Professional construction cleanup services perform thorough cleaning after completion of a construction or remodel project. This type of cleaning involves taking debris such as trash or recyclables to the appropriate containers. Other items the company wishes to salvage or donate can be set aside during this time. During the rough cleaning process, specialists also perform other tasks, including:

  • Removing paint from windows and other surfaces
  • Covering surfaces that require additional protection during the cleaning process, such as countertops, furniture and hardwood floors
  • Removing manufacturer stickers and labels from objects such as windows and appliances
  • Cleaning window sills, window and door frames, and tracks
  • Cleaning interior and exterior trim
  • Removing dirt, dust, sawdust, and other debris from cabinets, floors, trim, drawers, countertops and bathroom vanities
  • Cleaning storage areas, furnace closets, and utility closets

Final Construction Cleanup

Final cleaning is the step that takes place before a building or space is move-in ready. After this process, a building or space should be so clean that it is ready for workers or tenants to occupy it. During the final cleaning process, professionals complete detailed tasks, such as:

  • Dusting walls and trim
  • Removing all cardboard, plastic, and trash
  • Cleaning floors, paying particular attention to corners and areas where flooring and walls meet
  • Cleaning windows, glass doors, and other glass components on the exterior and interior of a building
  • Damp-wiping window sills, door frames, and doors
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and shining plumbing fixtures and bathroom components
  • Vacuuming, wiping-down, and polishing the interior and exterior of cabinets, stainless steel components, and woodwork to remove dust, dirt, streaks, and fingerprints
  • Damp-wiping HVAC vents, ceiling fans, and window blinds
  • Sweeping walkways and removing debris from hardscaping
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and polishing interior appliances that are visible to tenants, workers, or clients
  • Removing protective coverings from flooring, countertops, and other surfaces

Touch-Up Cleaning

Cleaning companies provide touch-up cleaning for clean buildings that remained unoccupied for a period. These services include dusting, touch-up polishing, and vacuuming.

Cleansolution provides post-construction cleaning services that will never compromise your green building status or efforts. After a building or remodel project, keep your building sustainable and maintain a high indoor air quality with our comprehensive green janitorial services, which include routine and emergency cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and landscaping. At Cleansolution, cleaning is our forte. When you have us on your side, maintaining your commercial space isn’t something that you ever have to worry about—it just happens. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the Cleansolution difference.