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Benefits of Day Cleaning

Did you know that switching to day cleaning can save you money?

Cleansolution offers a variety of cleaning schedules based on your building’s unique needs. Overnight cleaning is the schedule most people are familiar with, but it’s not your only option. While overnight cleanings are often convenient and sometimes necessary, switching to a day cleaning schedule offers multiple benefits.

Here are some daytime cleaning schedule advantages:

  • Saves on labor costs by reducing the higher wages paid to overnight cleaning staff.
  • Makes cleaning staff available for tasks that might come up during business hours.
  • Creates synergy and appreciation between the cleaning crew and the building’s occupants.
  • Allows for better and faster communication, resulting in rapid problem resolution.

One of our favorite things about daytime cleaning is the respect and trust it builds between us and our customers. When we’re working alongside you during the day, you can point out any areas of concern you have and help us take better care of your building.

Plan your transition from overnight to day cleaning.

Making the jump to daytime cleaning takes some planning and teamwork. You’ll need to give your employees plenty of notice and explain how the changes will affect and benefit them. Your cleaning plan should be designed to work with the flow of activity and traffic in your building and not interrupt your employees or customers. For example, you can ask that cleaning staff arrive early in the morning before your business is open to the public.

What to do if there’s a problem.

One of the major benefits of daytime cleaning schedules is the ability to resolve problems immediately in real time. You’ll have instant access to the cleaning supervisor and get questions answered right away.

If a problem comes up when the cleaning staff isn’t there, you’ll still be able to communicate quickly with our team using tools like Streem and Orange QC. Streem allows you to video chat with us and show us exactly what’s happening in your building. Submitting a service request through Orange QC ensures transparency and proper follow-up to resolve the problem quickly.

Concerned about the environment? Daytime cleaning helps protect the planet.

Daytime cleaning schedules may reduce your energy costs by eliminating the need for extra heating, cooling, lighting etc. overnight. By cleaning during business hours, you’ll be saving money on energy, reducing waste and protecting the planet’s resources.

Daytime cleaning doesn’t work for every building, but it’s a good option to consider. If you’re ready to make the switch, contact Cleansolution today!