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How cleaning inspection software ensures the best janitorial services

  1. How do you know your building is clean?
  2. How do you know the services in your contract are being delivered?
  3. How do you know if you’re getting good value for the price you are paying?

Cleansolution Services uses the latest technology to keep you up to date in real time with a software app called OrangeQC. Our field supervisors use a mobile app to produce cleaning reports in real time.  With it you can see what exactly has been cleaned. The OrangeQC app has GPS verification of site inspection, a photo upload feature for any verification, and even allows clients to communicate directly with us for any needs or concerns.

With OrangeQC we can see trends both positive and negative. We can see for example that we may need to concentrate on a lobby or a certain stairwell. It could be a higher traffic area or maybe the weather conditions have allowed for wet foot traffic. These real time inspections allow us to focus on any developing problems before you have to call us!

Communication is key!

You can submit requests online with your desktop or mobile smart phone. All requests will be documented in the system and easily accessible through an online portal. The audit trail is easily available for future reference. After the job is resolved, the system will alert you. If you prefer, you can still submit any special requests by email or phone. We will document the progress of the issue with OrangeQC as it gets taken care of.

The OrangeQC system is a great way to see at any time the building cleaning status.  You can see cleaning history reports of past and present. You will know that services are being completed as required. You will know the building is clean, what services are being delivered and thus you will know you are getting the value you are paying for.

The Benefits of Orange QC:

  • You will be able to see a status or checklist of all our cleaning in your office or facility.
  • There will be a communication trail of any issues. Any issues are checked off by us and the app tells you when the job is complete.
  • You will always know that your janitorial company is being proactive and addressing issues before they become bigger problems.

You do not have to install any software. All you need is a user name and password for the website or smart phone app.  It is very easy to use. Anyone in your chain of command can log in to the program and see the cleaning status and file questions or complaints.

Our inspection program delivers our promise of quality from an entirely different angle: a focus on transparency, real-time data, and collaboration. It is just one more way we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Learn more about OrangeQC: