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Will inflation impact your cleaning costs?

Here’s how we’re continuing to offer outstanding value – despite rising costs

By now, we’ve all read the headlines: the cost of almost everything is going up. As increased demand, high labor costs and unreliable supply chains continue to put pressure on prices, you might be concerned about how inflation will impact your cleaning costs. 

Can you still get a good deal on commercial cleaning, even as prices continue to rise? 

If you’re working with a company you trust, it’s still possible to get more for your money. Here’s how we’re helping customers stay on budget – even as inflation pushes costs up. 

Low employee turnover = lower prices for customers 

How does this work? High employee turnover is one of those invisible costs that you might not be aware of when you hire a new cleaning company. If your cleaning partner is constantly hiring new workers and then replacing them quickly, two problems start to happen.

First, their own bottom line is going to increase. It’s extremely expensive to keep onboarding and training new employees all the time. And eventually, those costs will be passed on to you.

Secondly, chances are that all these inexperienced workers won’t have the skills or knowledge to provide you with a quality cleaning job. That means you’ll have to follow up, request extra cleanings to fix mistakes, spend time on the phone settling service requests, etc. You might even give up altogether and try to find a new cleaning partner, which is a drain on your time and budget too.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep repeating this cycle. Cleansolution has an excellent track record of reducing employee turnover and providing consistent, responsive customer service. In response to this very tight labor market, we’ve prioritized competitive wages and benefits to attract the best talent in the industry. After more than 20 years as a company, we know that investing in our employees is better for the long-term health of our organization and is key to maintaining the high customer service standards that our customers expect.

Flexible, customizable cleaning plans mean you’ll never overpay 

We’re so committed to fair pricing that we developed a 5 step strategy for lowering cleaning costs for our customers! You can see our complete plan and the attached resources, right here. But in short, we’re able to offer excellent value and pricing by listening well and being flexible. We don’t offer one janitorial plan with set services for a set price. Instead, we take the time to listen to your specific needs and build a plan that works for your budget. It’s a balanced approach to cleaning – not too little, not too much. We’ll keep making tweaks and adjustments until we get it just right.

Stop juggling multiple, expensive cleaning contracts – we’ve got you covered 

Hiring a floor company, a window specialist and someone else entirely when emergencies come up is expensive. Plus, it’s a huge burden on your time and energy to find all those different contractors and coordinate scheduling. The solution? Bundling your services under one contract. As a comprehensive cleaning company, we handle everything from daily janitorial tasks to seasonal deep cleaning and annual maintenance. And we even provide same-day service for emergency cleaning that just can’t be put off – flooding, storm damage, trash/debris removal, etc. Whatever happens in your building, you can count on us to help you clean it up! 

Are you struggling to lower your cleaning costs? 

We’re here for you. Even as inflation continues to impact cleaning costs, we’re still committed to fair pricing and outstanding service. If you’re struggling to find an affordable, dependable solution for your commercial cleaning needs, schedule a consultation with us today!