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Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

Now is the time to catch up on some deep cleaning tasks and get into a consistent outdoor maintenance routine. Here are some services to add to your office cleaning plan for summer!

Pressure washing & cleaning for outdoor areas

Patios, decks, gardens and rooftops that went unused all winter and spring are about to get very popular. All the more reason to get your outdoor seating and dining areas in tip-top shape for guests. 

Pressure washing the sidewalks, patios, fences, and decks around your business is the perfect task to schedule right now. And don’t forget to check under roof eaves and overhangs for any moss, dirt, wasp nests, etc. that need to be removed. 

High-dusting for tents, awnings & other shelters

If you’re utilizing space under a tent or awning as an outdoor seating or dining area, ask your cleaning team to keep an eye on any rafters, beams, poles, light fixtures or fans that can quickly collect dust and grime. These areas are often difficult to reach and may require professional equipment to clean properly. 

Less foot traffic? Time to clean & seal your hard flooring. 

Some offices experience a “summer slow-down” effect with more employees taking vacations. If you’ve been waiting for a less busy time to deep clean your tile, concrete or vinyl flooring, summer might be your best bet. We recommend that you treat your hard flooring to a machine scrubbing service followed by an application of topcoat at least once per year. Summer is an excellent time to get this done while the weather is dry. When rainy weather returns in the fall, your floors will be in top shape and well-protected from water damage. 

Schedule a carpet cleaning (if it’s been at least 6 months) 

How often do you really need to clean your carpet? It’s a common question and tricky to answer. Some businesses don’t need a deep carpet cleaning more than once a year. However, if you’re running a high-traffic building, you may find that your carpets need to be cleaned every 6 months or even more frequently. This is another great task to schedule during the summer if things are a bit slow in the building. 

Keeping your building clean should be effortless

Updating your office cleaning plan for summer? We support facility managers with seasonal cleaning plans that keep things running smoothly all year round! Our unique model means we can offer 24/7 cleaning support when and where you need it. Schedule a consultation with us today and let us know what we can do to help!