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Restorative Cleaning for Commercial Restrooms

What is restorative cleaning? 

Your mop & bucket routine might not be enough.

When we use the term “restorative cleaning” we’re not talking about the daily mopping or weekly cleanings that remove surface dirt and germs. In the janitorial industry, restorative cleaning refers to an intensive process that resets your space back to square one – as close to “new” as we can get it! Restorative cleanings are crucial for extending the lifespan of expensive materials like tile or vinyl flooring.

Every area of your building will need an extra-deep cleaning at some point, but restorative cleaning for commercial restrooms is a common customer request. While this service does require extra labor and time to complete, it’s a necessary step to maintain a clean and comfortable environment. To get the full benefit of restorative cleaning, we recommend that you follow up with a well-planned maintenance routine.

How often do commercial restrooms need restorative cleaning? 

Great question! We typically recommend a restorative restroom cleaning at least once per year, depending on several different factors. For example:

  • Setting & employee/customer expectations (i.e. a busy neighborhood restaurant vs. a school vs. a quiet office)
  • Your building’s occupancy & average foot traffic
  • Your industry (i.e. heavy indoor/outdoor traffic vs. a 6th floor office space)
  • Your flooring type (material, color, etc.)
  • Building class (A, B or C)

Your cleaning team should consider all these factors during your initial consultation and help you determine the best schedule. If your building is especially busy, you may need to schedule this service on a quarterly basis.

Some buildings slow down a bit during the summer months and over the winter holidays, making those times ideal for scheduling deep cleaning tasks. And remember – circumstances change! As your business grows and adjusts, your cleaning plan should too.

What to expect from your restorative restroom cleaning service

The top customer concerns when it comes to restrooms are odors and stained floors.

Note: persistent restroom odors are typically the result of soils that have settled in your tile grout or vinyl flooring. A deep machine scrubbing and proper sealant will often resolve the problem! 

  • Tile & grout care – machine scrubbing for tile, grout cleaned & sealed
  • Machine scrubbing for vinyl floors (may require a full stripping & refinishing to remove embedded dirt or odors)
  • Porcelain toilets & sinks scrubbed. A mild acid treatment may be recommended to remove any scum or hard water deposits.
  • Walls & stall partitions cleaned
  • Air vents vacuumed
  • Window glass, mirrors & chrome fixtures polished
  • Drains checked for odor & clogs
  • Urinals checked for odor issues or reduced flushing capacity. We may recommend that you contact a professional plumber to address uric acid build-up.

Reset your commercial restrooms with a restorative deep cleaning!

With many companies transitioning back to on-site work and more employees returning to the office, now is the time to schedule restorative, deep cleaning services and update your cleaning plan. Schedule a cleaning consultation with us today!