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Uneasy Around Your Cleaners? Here’s What to Do

Your commercial cleaning crew shows up at your building day after day. They’re often there at night, sometimes when employees are working late. It’s important that you, and those who work in your building, feel safe and at ease when they’re around. But what happens if, instead, you feel uneasy around your cleaners?

There are many different reasons why customers might not click with their cleaners. Sometimes the language barrier makes it hard to connect. Or you might be unhappy with the quality of their work. Maybe your janitorial service has a high turnover rate, and you’re tired of constantly seeing new faces. 

Whatever the reason, you can always ask your cleaning company to assign a different cleaner to your building. A professional janitorial service should be willing to work with you to ensure you get cleaners you like and trust. But you can also prevent feeling uneasy around your cleaners and potentially awkward situations by asking a few essential questions before you hire any commercial cleaning company. 

Here are four questions to ask:

1. Can you provide proof of a background check?

Requiring regular background checks for every cleaner who enters your building goes a long way toward ensuring you feel safe around your cleaning crew. When you make it a standard part of your contract—and ask the company for proof—you can rest assured your cleaners have been thoroughly vetted.

2. Can I meet the cleaner?

At Cleansolution, we’re always happy to introduce our clients to their cleaners before the work begins. This gives you the chance to get to know the person a bit, put a face to their name, and hear a little about their story. It also gives them a chance to ask questions that can help them perform their job better.

3. How much do your cleaners make?

When your cleaners are making minimum wage, it shows. Hiring a professional cleaning company that pays above minimum wage helps ensure you’re getting quality cleaners who are motivated to do a great job for you.

4. What kind of training and benefits do you provide?

Training is important to ensure your building gets cleaned properly, but it’s also about more than that. What you’re really asking is whether the janitorial service invests in its cleaners. Companies that invest in their workforce typically have lower turnover rates and happier, better-educated employees—and that translates to greater value for you.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your cleaners? We’re here for you. Whatever the issue, we’ll work with you to get it resolved quickly and make sure you’re satisfied with your cleaning crew. You’re always welcome to schedule a consultation or reach out to us at