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How to Work with Your Cleaning Company to Prevent Theft

When there’s been a theft in your building and you don’t know who the culprit is, it’s easy to assume your commercial cleaning crew is responsible. After all, they’re typically there late at night when the building is otherwise empty. That’s why it’s so important to hire a professional janitorial service you can trust—and trust is built through transparent, two-way communication. Here are four ways your cleaning company can help you prevent theft:

1: Make annual background checks a standard part of your cleaning contract.

Requiring your cleaning company to provide proof of a background check for every cleaner who enters your building helps weed out potential security threats. 

2: Ask your janitorial provider how they handle theft concerns.

What’s their procedure if a cleaner is accused of stealing? Does their certificate of insurance show that they’re carrying proper coverage in case your business suffers a loss?

3: If there’s a theft in your building, let your cleaning company know immediately.

When one of our clients experiences a theft, we inform our cleaners right away. We expect them to be more aware of their behavior and exercise complete transparency when entering and leaving the building. 

4: Use security cameras

When we hear about a theft, we can easily deploy video cameras in the affected area. Our cameras use a cell phone signal so they don’t disrupt the building’s Wi-Fi. They allow us to monitor our cleaning crew for suspicious activity. It’s a fail-safe way that as your cleaning company we can help you prevent theft.

As a commercial cleaning service, we value our clients’ trust. Keeping an open line of communication is critical. Whenever you have a security concern, we want to know immediately so we can stay on top of it and work with you to find solutions that solve this, and any other, problem.