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How to Avoid Invoicing Issues with your Professional Cleaners

When it comes to professional janitorial services, trust is essential—and unreliable invoicing can undermine that trust. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions you can employ to avoid invoicing issues with your professional cleaners and build a harmonious relationship that supports your business.

1. Set up auto-pay

Automatic payments help prevent most avoid invoicing issues with cleaners and keep the billing cycle running smoothly and on time. With a commercial cleaning contract, you’ll typically pay a set amount each month, which means you can easily put your payments on autopilot. That way you don’t have to worry about late invoices or overcharges. Plus, if you put your auto-payments on a credit card, you can even get reward points.

2. Include the invoice number with your payment.

When you’re paying the same amount each month, it can be difficult for your cleaning service to track which invoice your payment is for. That’s how companies end up in a dispute over whether a particular invoice has been paid. If you’re paying invoices manually, an easy fix is to always include the invoice number with your payment. That way if there’s an issue or error with a bill, your cleaning company will have a record of which invoices have been paid. 

3. Bundle all your janitorial services into one monthly payment.

In addition to regular monthly cleaning services, customers will often request annual or semi-annual extras such as window washing or carpet cleaning. They may even occasionally order janitorial supplies such as bathroom soap and hand towels. These services generate additional invoices outside the regular billing cycle that create further potential for error. Instead of paying for these items as they arise, however, you can request to have these costs divided into 12 payments and added onto your monthly bill. It’s a tactic many larger businesses use to simplify their janitorial payments, and it works just as well for smaller companies to avoid invoicing issues with cleaners

4. Notify your cleaning company immediately if your billing email changes.

Clients who receive their invoices by email often forget to notify their janitorial company when that email changes—for example, if the person who handled invoices leaves the company and their email address is no longer active. That means your cleaning company ends up sending invoices into the void, which can result in missed payments and create headaches for both you and your service provider. Proactive communication whenever your billing email changes is the best way to prevent this issue.

Have an issue with your cleaning invoice? We’re here to help. Not only will we do our best to resolve the issue quickly, but we’ll work with you to develop a long-term solution do it doesn’t happen again. Schedule a consultation or reach out to us at