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How to Simplify Your Janitorial Supplies

What did you see the last time you checked your janitorial supply closet? More cases of hand soap than you can use in a year? Not enough toilet paper to get you through the week? Either way, it’s a problem! But, thankfully, there are ways to simplify your janitorial supplies, saving you time, space and money.

Overstocking and understocking janitorial supplies is a common issue many facilities face. Many commercial cleaning companies order their clients’ supplies sporadically, which means you might get toilet paper twice this month but not at all next month. Then they follow up the delivery with an invoice that includes very little information about what they ordered or how much it cost, leaving you in the dark about what’s actually going on.

At Cleansolution, we often handle procurement of janitorial supplies for our clients. Here’s how we help ensure our customers get the right supplies at the right cost, every time.

Transparent supply ordering

When we order supplies for the facilities we clean, we want our clients to know everything we know. That’s why we chose a supplier with a transparent ordering system, which means our customers can log into the same portal we use and see everything we see—including past orders, future orders, invoices and proof of delivery. When you order janitorial supplies through us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting.

Ordering on a monthly cadence

Instead of ordering janitorial supplies on an as-needed basis, we prefer to estimate your monthly supply needs and tack the cost onto your regular monthly cleaning bill. That way you get consistent deliveries at a consistent cost, with no guesswork or surprises. It’s simple, predictable and much more efficient. And you’ll always have the supplies you need when you need them.

Need help keeping up on janitorial supplies? Cleansolution can handle it for you. Our transparent ordering system and predictable billing cycle will keep your supply closet stocked and free of unpleasant surprises. Contact us today!