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How to Partner with Your Cleaning Company to Prevent Germs at the Office and create a Healthy Building

COVID taught us all a lot about how easily illness can spread in the workplace. But just because the pandemic has subsided doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. While you can’t prevent people in your building from getting sick, you can team up with your commercial cleaning company to prevent germs at the office. Here’s how:

1. Choose a green cleaning service. 

Green cleaning, by definition, is about protecting human health as well as the environment. Green cleaning practices focus on using chemicals and processes that help create a healthy workplace for everyone. A professional janitorial company should be able to design a customized green cleaning program designed specifically for your building, business and budget. If your janitorial company doesn’t automatically provide green cleaning services, ask if they’re available—or find one that does.

2. Get the whole building involved.

Even though your cleaning crew disinfects your building at night, there are plenty of opportunities for germs to spread during the day, when the cleaners aren’t around. To proactively prevent germs at the office, you can start by keeping basic cleaning supplies on hand and encouraging employees to use them, especially when someone is sick.

  • Designate a cabinet for cleaning supplies and enlist your cleaning company to keep it stocked with a few basics: hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, paper towels and backup bathroom supplies. 
  • Let everyone know where to find the cleaning supplies and urge people to use them as needed.
  • Send out an email blast during flu season reminding people to wash their hands and wipe down shared surfaces between uses.

 3. Consider electrostatic sprayer services.

Electrostatic sprayers coat the surfaces in your building with an antimicrobial treatment that can repel germs for weeks at a time. On some surfaces it can last as long as 90 days. It’s safe, cost-effective and can go a long way toward minimizing illness during flu season.

Need help cultivating a healthy environment in your building? Contact us for a consultation to find out how we can partner with you to help prevent the spread of disease.