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How to Resolve Complaints about Professional Cleaners

Do you spend too much time fielding complaints about your professional cleaners? As a facility or property manager, you work hard to keep everyone in your building happy. So what do you do when tenants, employees or decision makers are dissatisfied with the janitorial service you’ve partnered with? Before you start shopping around for a new commercial cleaning company, here are three ways to resolve complaints about professional cleaners with minimal time and effort:

1. Ask the complainant to provide pictures. 

The fastest way to clear up an issue with your cleaning service is to ask the person lodging the complaint to provide pictures of the problem area. A photo communicates the issue much more clearly and effectively than words and is easy to pass along to the nightly cleaners so they can address the problem. It’s also a great way to bridge any gaps in language, culture or education. 

2. Consider how problems are being conveyed to the cleaning crew. 

While it’s the janitorial company’s responsibility to communicate issues to their cleaning staff, the reality is that no one understands your building and its needs better than you. Great communication is a collaborative effort and a key way to resolve complaints about professional cleaners. Ask your cleaning service to work out a way for you to pass information directly to your cleaning crew. For example, some companies keep a notebook at the front desk for passing along notes to the nightly cleaners. At Cleansolution, we prefer to use an online ticketing system that allows you to convey information swiftly and transparently.

3. Establish clear expectations with your cleaning company.

If a decision maker in your building is complaining about the quality of cleaning, your best bet is to treat your janitorial service like a teammate. After all, you’re both invested in keeping the boss happy! Work with your cleaning company to establish clear expectations—the more specific you can be, the better. Always let the cleaning company know what’s important to you. Your scope of work can easily be updated to meet changing business needs.

Need help resolving a complaint about your cleaning service? We’re on it. Submit a support ticket at and watch us spring into action.