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Ready for Spring? Here’s Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

April showers help prepare the earth for spring, but they’re not enough to wash away the grime of winter — especially after all the ice and snow we’ve endured. What your building really needs is a thorough deep cleaning.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about starting the new year with a cleaner, healthier work environment. It’s also a way of clearing out the mental cobwebs of winter and embracing the energy of growth and renewal. It signals to your employees, customers and neighbors that you’re celebrating the changing season and ready to make the most of whatever the coming months might bring.

If you want to make the biggest impact possible, we recommend starting off with the most important items on your spring cleaning to-do list: pressure washing and commercial window cleaning. With these two simple tasks, you can shed most of that winter grime and make your commercial property sparkle.

Present a clean face to the world: pressure washing 

Now that the days are getting brighter, it’s hard to ignore the toll all those months of rain, snow and sludge have taken on your building’s exterior. You may start to notice the dirt and mud splatter on the walls. The leaf stains and chewing gum stuck to your walkways. The grease spots and other contaminants building up in your parking lot. And, of course, the moss and algae growing everywhere.

That’s why scheduling a spring pressure washing for your building’s exterior and parking lot is at the top of our spring cleaning checklist. You can wash away months’ worth of winter buildup in a single day, giving your building an instant facelift. A professional pressure washing gets rid of all the dirt and debris that have accumulated around your property, leaving behind a clean, fresh canvas for your spring decorating. For ground-floor winders, we recommend at least a once a year window cleaning service.

Of course, with new plants and flowers sprouting, you want your cleaning efforts to be as friendly to nature as possible. Our green pressure washing services will shine up your property without causing damage to the environment.

Let the sun shine in: window cleaning

The gray, dismal days of winter make it easy to overlook all the dirt that has accumulated on your windows. Once the sun emerges from behind the clouds, however, this coating of grime becomes more obvious as it prevents you from receiving the full benefit of the growing sunlight. A professional window cleaning not only helps your building’s exterior shine, but it also invites more mood-enhancing natural light into your workspace.

Window cleaning isn’t something most businesses do every day. Some wash their windows quarterly or just twice a year; your recommended frequency will depend on the industry you’re in and the location of your windows. Street-facing windows, especially those used for displays, need extra care and attention, while buildings in areas with high pollution, lots of traffic or frequent construction may require more frequent window cleanings. We recommend that all window be cleaned at least a once a year.

Regardless of how often you do it, spring is the ideal time to schedule a professional window cleaning. And if you have high windows, tricky locations such as stairwells, or glass with special coatings or tinting, it’s especially important call in the pros to ensure the job is done safely and correctly. 

Spring cleaning checklist

A professional window cleaning and pressure washing can go a long way toward preparing your property for spring. But what about your building’s interior? Here are a few more spring cleaning checklist tasks to consider:

  • Cleaning plan review. Has your business experienced changes over the past year? Do you have more changes planned for the coming months? Now is a great time to review your janitorial needs with your professional cleaning service and make adjustments as needed. If budgets allow, it’s ideal to factor in cleaning all windows at least once a year.
  • Decluttering. Decluttering isn’t just a trend — it can also save your business money. The more items you remove from your interior surfaces, the less time your janitorial staff will spend cleaning around them. Plus, research shows decluttering workspaces can improve productivity.
  • Floor cleaning. Most commercial flooring requires some kind of upkeep beyond daily vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. Carpets need occasional deep cleaning to remove embedded dirt and microbes. Wood or composite floors need waxing or buffing to maintain their appearance. It’s best to perform these tasks in early spring, while you still have indoor heating to help your floors dry faster.
  • High-dusting. It’s time to clear out all the cobwebs — literally. Our high-dusting service will vacuum away the dust and cobwebs that have accumulated on ceiling fans, ledges, crown molding and other hard-to-reach locations.
  • Bathroom deep cleaning. Even with daily mopping, bacteria and odors can settle into your tile and grout over time. We recommend a machine scrubbing surface for deep cleaning your tile floors to leave your bathrooms sanitary and odor-free.

Need help with your spring cleaning?

Our expert cleaning team can help you assess your building’s needs and develop a customized cleaning plan that will leave your building sparkling and ready for spring. Contact us for a spring cleaning consultation today and let us handle your deep cleaning needs!