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Our Hyper-Responsive Customer Ticketing System Gets the Job Done Faster

When you’ve got a cleaning issue that needs attention, we don’t keep you waiting. We work with subcontractors and employees throughout our service area to provide 24/7 commercial cleaning services for our clients. And all it takes is a single email to our customer ticketing system to activate our vast network of professional cleaners and get fast help whenever you need it.

Real-time communication for high-impact service

In the past, janitorial companies have used slow, inefficient systems to keep track of their clients’ needs. For example, facility managers would often log their cleaning requests or issues in a binder at the front desk for the cleaning crew to check each night. If there was an emergency, they could call a customer service representative, but depending on the time of day they might have to wait for a response.

That wasn’t fast enough for us.

We needed real-time communication with our clients to deliver the swift, hyper-responsive service you deserve. That’s why we developed a unique customer ticketing system adapted from the ticketing software used by IT departments in high-profile companies around the world. 

Swift response to your cleaning issues 

When you submit a ticket through our customer ticketing system, it instantly goes out to our entire company, from owners and account executives to subcontractors and cleaners. Everyone sees everyone else’s response, and all the information is attached to your account, providing complete transparency so we (and you) can seamlessly track your ticket through to completion.

If it’s a particularly sticky issue, we may ask you to hop on a video call through our Streem service, which allows us to clearly see the area in question, make accurate notes and even take photos before our crew ever sets foot in your building. That way we can make sure we’re sending out the right people with the right equipment and the right knowledge to resolve the issue.

The best part is you don’t have to download any special software. Just send an email to, and our ticketing system will take care of the rest.

Faster communication means better service for you

At CleanSolution we’re always here for you no matter how you choose to reach out. But if your go-to method of communication is to call or text, we encourage you to give our ticketing system a try. 

Clients who use our ticketing system love it because:

  • As a 24/7 cleaning company, we have cleaning crews working around the clock. Our ticketing system ensures your request immediately goes out to someone who’s available to answer it right away. During normal business hours, our goal is to respond to you within 2 hours or less.
  • Clear, transparent and documented information shared with our entire crew helps us eliminate communication errors and resolve issues quickly.
  • Our ticketing system allows us to leverage technology to bridge cultural, language and education gaps. For example, contractors who are immigrants can run the contents of your ticket through a language translator to ensure they fully understand the issue before addressing it.
  • With the integration of Streem video, we’re able to fully understand the issue and, usually, provide a solution before we actually travel to your location.

Great communication is important to us, and so is taking care of your cleaning needs as quickly as possible. With our customer ticketing system, we’re able to deliver both. The next time you have a problem or request, why not give it a try? We think you’ll love it as much as we do.

Need someone to take a look?

Our 24/7 network of cleaning experts is at your fingertips. Email our ticketing system at and watch us spring into action.