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Client Feature/ INDUSTRY: How Cleansolution meets the needs of a unique creative environment

Twelve years ago, four industrial designers from across North America struck out on their own to form a new startup: INDUSTRY, a Portland creative agency that delivers end-to-end brand marketing for high-end clientele from their unique creative environment in downtown Portland. 

Founded by a diverse group of thinkers with an immigrant mindset and backgrounds from three different countries, INDUSTRY hired Cleansolution to meet the evolving janitorial needs of its growing workspace, a unique creative environment. Over the past several years, the two companies have grown in tandem, forming a close-knit working partnership along the way.

“We all have each other’s back,” says Casey McIntosh, the studio manager at INDUSTRY. “We have a good working relationship built on mutual respect.” 

On-Brand Cleaning for a Creative Environment

Picture a parking lot with four walls, exposed beams, and nothing but concrete floors from window to window. That’s what INDUSTRY’s workspace looked like when they first moved into the middle floor of their three-story building.

Since then, the agency has taken over all three floors, transforming the warehouse-like building into a thriving creative studio. As the agency has expanded, so have its custodial needs. CleanSolution has worked with INDUSTRY to develop a flexible cleaning plan that adapts to the demands of a growing company and their unique creative environment.

INDUSTRY’s studio isn’t your typical office environment. With an open design and lots of glass—including the Cube, a standalone meeting room in the center of the building with four glass walls—there are very few places for dirt to hide.

“If it’s a mess, it’s very obvious,” Casey says. “There are no real corners or nooks.”

On a day-to-day basis, Cleansolution’s commercial cleaning crew keeps the glass sparkling, the floors dirt-free, and the bathrooms stocked with special towels to complement INDUSTRY’s brand—all while navigating around valuable art pieces, such as a $150,000 sculpture of a motorcycle made of bent steel. 

“They know what’s on-brand for us as far as cleaning goes,” Casey says. “Even if I leave the place spotless, I can always tell when they’ve been here. There’s that extra shine they add.”

Supporting a Culture of Collaboration

Every week is a bit different at INDUSTRY. Days of quiet industriousness are punctuated by late-night work sessions, company-hosted lunches, and evening parties that require extra cleanup.

“It’s a lot. A lot of cleaning, a lot of events,” Casey says. “Cleansolution rolls with the punches. They’re very malleable to our ever-changing culture here.”

When after-hours events conflict with regularly scheduled cleaning services, the open communication between the two companies allows for easy rescheduling.

“Communication is a real strength for them,” she says. “Even though we don’t see them, they know I’m just a text away. Being able to, at the drop of a hat, text your crew to adjust the cleaning schedule—they’re just very easy to work with.”

Need Help Cleaning a Unique Space?

We’re unique too! Our unique model allows us to offer 24/7 cleaning support when and where you need it. Plus, our flexible cleaning crew can adapt to your environment’s quirks and support your company’s brand with custodial services that help present the face you want to show to the world.Schedule a consultation to discuss a cleaning plan that’s tailored to your specific needs.