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Save Money On Commercial Cleaning With Cleansolution

“One size fits all” cleaning routines don’t work. Cleansolution will design a plan that works for your facility and your budget

For almost 20 years, Cleansolution has worked every day to deliver exactly what each client needs. Every business is different! We don’t believe that you should have to settle for paying too much and getting too little from your cleaning company. That’s why we’re diligent in helping you figure out how to reduce professional cleaning costs.

With many companies to choose from – why Cleansolution?

Simply put, we see every customer as a partner with a common goal – to make your business a safe, comfortable, welcoming space for employees and customers alike.

We work with companies in a broad range of industries – medical offices, government buildings, restaurants, hospitality, multi-tenant properties and many more! No matter your company’s size or what kind of work you do, our goal is to give you an individualized plan that meets your needs and your budget.

We’re committed to fair prices – even when the market changes

In 2016, we navigated a significant challenge for our clients, as minimum wage increases sparked worries about soaring costs for janitorial services. Our position was that fair, livable wages for workers does not have to mean unaffordable costs for customers. Instead, we demonstrated our commitment to efficiency, transparent pricing and creating plans that only charge our clients for services they actually need.

So – how do we maintain high standards for cleaning and disinfection, while keeping costs down? Here’s how we find the plan that’s right for you.

Clean only what’s needed, when it’s needed

Just because a service is “standard” does not mean it is necessary for every business. Maybe you don’t need every trash can in the building emptied every day. Maybe every other day would be fine. Or maybe vacuuming every inch of each room is overkill for daily cleaning. You might just need touching up in high-traffic areas instead.

When we meet with you for your consultation, we’ll ask the following questions to determine the correct cleaning frequency for your business:

  • What standard of cleaning and disinfection is expected for your industry and facility?
  • What is the square footage of the building and the interior spaces?
  • What is the primary function of each space?
  • What building renovations have occurred over the years?

These and other questions help us figure out a tailored plan for your business, and often reveal ways we can reduce professional cleaning costs.

Pay-as-you-go janitorial services

If you’re trying to lower your cleaning costs, consider asking your janitorial company for fixed-rate prices on certain services. This allows you to only pay for certain cleanings when you need them, instead of paying for them continuously. You’ll know upfront what the cost of each service will be, allowing you to budget accordingly.

This “à la carte” option makes it easy for Cleansolution’s clients to ensure that every area of their business is cleaned at the right time, for the right price. Here are some common pay-as-you-go services that we offer:

  • High dusting (above 6ft.)
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Wall-to-wall vacuuming
  • Cleaning refrigerators
  • Spot cleaning carpets/spill clean-up

These are important tasks that need to be done! But they might not be necessary every time we clean your facility.

Schedule cleaning for daytime hours, instead of overnight

When you choose to clean matters! Although night cleaning is convenient from a logistical standpoint (building may be empty), it’s not the best if you’re looking to save money. For one thing, cleaning staff that work overnight shifts are typically paid extra wages, which adds to your overall cost.

Having a cleaning crew working overnight also means that your building will be using more energy during that time, when it would otherwise be unoccupied. Saving energy is especially critical for LEED-certified or environmentally-conscious companies.

Another issue to consider is whether you’d like cleaning staff to be available during the day to respond to any routine janitorial tasks or emergencies. Paying for cleaning staff to work both day and night hours is less efficient. If you schedule your regular cleaning during the day, you’ll have the convenience of janitorial staff available during business hours and also reduce professional cleaning costs.

Here’s what we’ll ask to determine whether daytime cleaning may be appropriate for a client:

  • Will daytime janitorial workers disrupt normal activity in the building? One possible solution is that cleaning staff could come early, before employees and customers arrive.
  • Does the building experience heavy use that results in the need for extensive cleaning?
  • Could day cleaners arrive at staggered times throughout the day to accommodate business operations?
  • Would a combination of day and night cleaning cover all the necessary tasks and still save the client money?

Want extra money-saving tips? Learn more about how we’re saving our clients’ budgets with flexible cleaning plans!

Our goal at Cleansolution is to make janitorial services accessible and affordable, so that our clients can focus on their customers and running their businesses. Schedule a consultation with us today and ask about our safe, virtual site visit option!