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How Surveys Improve Your Cleaning Services

Good relationships are the cornerstone to providing great janitorial services—and every relationship needs a temperature check from time to time. That’s why, at Cleansolution, we believe regular surveys help improve cleaning services.

They clearly answer questions like: What’s working well? Where is there room for improvement? Are there any problems that need immediate attention?

In business relationships, just like in personal relationships, it’s easy to slip into a routine and operate under the assumption that everything is fine. But we’re not satisfied with fine. That’s why we use periodic client surveys to take the temperature of our business relationships. 

It’s not a common tactic for janitorial companies, but we’re not your average janitorial company.

We use surveys at key points in our client relationship journey: during onboarding, as the account evolves, and when the account closes. Our surveys are short and to the point. We want to find out what your biggest pain points are and what opportunities you’d like to pursue. That’s it. But keep reading for more details about how surveys improve cleaning services.

Client surveys help us:

1. Build strong customer relationships

Trust develops when one person communicates an issue and the other person addresses it. Whenever our customers have an issue with us, we view it as an opportunity to build trust.

2. Improve our services

Constant improvement is baked into our culture, which means we’re always measuring and refining our work. To do that, we need to know what our customers are thinking. Surveys help us address issues or concerns before they become a problem.

3. Support your goals

Our business is to support your business. We want to know what your goals and growth opportunities are so we can find ways to help you get there. We also understand that you’re busy. Surveys are great forms of a-synchronistic communication—fill them out when you have time.

Stagnation is the number-one enemy of any relationship. Things change, and as your business evolves so will your cleaning needs. We want to be there, evolving and changing right alongside you. 

Ready for a commercial cleaning company that does things differently? Schedule a consultation with us and find out just how much of a difference our client surveys make.