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Hot desking during a pandemic poses challenges & opportunities for employers

As offices continue to re-open, a cleaning plan for wiping surfaces and ensuring hot desking is safe is critical. Hot desking or “hoteling” is a growing trend where employees can reserve a workstation (often through an app) for a set period of time and then leave the space for someone else. Even before the pandemic, shared workspaces and flexible, semi-remote arrangements were growing in popularity. We’re expecting the number of remote workers and hot desking setups to continue trending upward as we plan for work life post-pandemic.  

How to share the space, while keeping it clean

Hot desking may reduce office space and overhead costs for employers and offers a more flexible schedule for workers. It’s also a very convenient option for the growing numbers of freelancers and independent contractors who might not be traditional, full-time employees, but still need to be onsite at times for meetings and collaborative work.

However, employees may have anxiety and lingering doubts about the safety of returning to the office. If an office uses shared workstations, they may question if hot desking is safe. Proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces remains an important part of your disease prevention plan. And while Covid-19 prevention is the top priority right now, other common illnesses—influenza, norovirus, colds, etc.—can also spread through the workplace, resulting in more sick days, less productivity and ultimately impacting your bottom line. 

How to make hot desking safe for 2022 & beyond

Plan your cleaning & disinfection strategy 

“How often should I be cleaning?” That’s a question we get all the time! The exact answer is completely dependent on how many people are using your building, industry regulations and other factors. But ensuring hot desking is safe requires some extra attention and planning. 

The CDC recommends that frequently-touched surfaces be disinfected at least once per day. If you’re managing a high-traffic building and turning over workstations to a new employee multiple times a day, you may want to consider adding day porter service. In addition to disinfecting workstations, day porters can also be on hand to clean and maintain other shared spaces like kitchens, break rooms, coffee bars, bathrooms and gyms. 

Keeping it green? No worries. We use EPA-approved disinfectants that are both highly effective and safe for the planet. Your eco-conscious values are in good hands! 

Make “in-between” cleaning simple & intuitive

Working with a reliable commercial cleaning company is the best way to ensure your building is getting the attention it needs. But what happens in your building between those scheduled cleanings? You can encourage a healthy work environment by setting up cleaning stations throughout your office. Hand sanitizing stations should be available near entrances and in common areas. You can also provide disinfecting wipes, face masks, tissue boxes and other supplies in central locations for easy access. Adding a small trashcan under every workstation makes it easy for employees to keep shared workstations clean and tidy. 

Short on time? We can help you source supplies like hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, trashcans and more! We’ll deliver your supplies and help you get cleaning stations set up throughout your building. Schedule a video chat and let us know what you need! 

Arrange workstations to maximize ventilation & flexible spacing 

Planning your space to maximize productivity and ensure employee safety is the key to hot desking success. You may need to evaluate your office furniture and prioritize pieces that can be easily moved and reconfigured as needed. 

Keep in mind that employees are going to return to work more aware of health and safety regulations than ever before. In addition to the basic measures we’re all familiar with by now—disinfecting high-touch surfaces, proper hand hygiene and face masks—arranging your office space to maximize airflow, spacing and ventilation will provide reassurance that employee health is a top priority. 

Need help setting up your space? We help customers find office furniture, fans, HEPA air cleaners and other equipment to promote a healthy work environment. We can also coordinate crews to assemble office furniture and rearrange your space. Schedule a video chat today to learn more! 

Proactive cleaning signals your commitment to a safer workplace

Reassure your staff that you’re doing everything possible to follow best practies and protect their health on the job. Whether you’re transitioning to a hot desking office or just making improvements to your current arrangement, establishing a health-focused cleaning plan is a simple step you can take to boost employee morale and maximize productivity. Schedule a video chat with Cleansolution today to get started!