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Save time & money with a seasonal office cleaning plan

Here’s a cleaning secret – it’s less expensive to maintain a clean building than it is to deep clean a dirty building. And a seasonal office cleaning plan is the key to saving time and money.

What makes the difference cost-wise? Let’s take your hard floors as an example. Water, mud, ice melt products, scuffs, coffee spills – you name it, eventually it ends up on your floor. If you have a consistent, seasonal cleaning plan for your business, your cleaning team can stay on top of the dirt and grime before it ages your flooring prematurely. 

But if you’re only calling for a deep clean when the dirt becomes impossible to ignore, it’s going to be much harder to undo the damage. You’ll end up paying for extra labor, extra cleaning products and eventually, you’ll have to refinish or replace your flooring. The money adds up fast! 

Build the best cleaning schedule for your office 

How many times a year are you supposed to clean your carpets anyway? The exact frequency of each task depends on your industry, your location and other factors like daily traffic and occupancy.  We recommend that you schedule your seasonal maintenance in advance, to avoid paying for expensive deep cleaning in the future. Here’s a sample schedule for seasonal cleaning tasks.

Start a consultation today to get a personalized cleaning plan for your commercial building!

Seasonal Cleaning: Winter

Hard floors

We recommend adding a hard floor scrubbing service to your schedule at least once per year, in addition to routine sweeping and mopping. Bathrooms and main entrances may benefit from quarterly or even monthly cleanings. Our floor scrubbing machines remove more dirt and salt residue than mopping alone and preserve your floor’s protective coat. 


A high-traffic building may need a carpet cleaning every month, while a low-occupancy building may only need it once per year. You can also request a carpet cleaning for high-traffic areas only, rather than paying for wall-to-wall cleaning. Many customers like to schedule this service around the winter holidays when their building’s occupancy tends to be lower. 

Need a quick-dry option? Consider our dry-foam service – you’ll get great results, without the long dry times. 

Your winter cleaning checklist: 

  • Request a carpet cleaning now, if it’s been 12 months since your last deep cleaning
  • Add commercial-grade interior and exterior mats to your entryway and lobby areas 
  • Add a machine scrubbing service to your cleaning plan to remove mud and salt residue. This is will reduce the risk of permanent floor damage from residue build-up. 
  • Ask your cleaning team to recommend a customized plan for waxing, sealing and refinishing your floors to maintain their protective coat and give them that high-gloss shine you love

Seasonal Cleaning: Spring 


As a general rule, we recommend that you schedule window cleanings once per quarter. If that feels excessive for your location, try dialing back to once per  year. A mix and match approach for windows might work best. Street-level windows tend to get grimy faster than upper-story windows. Buildings located in very rainy climates, construction zones or high traffic areas may require extra cleanings. 

High dusting

Dusting surfaces and eye-level areas should be part of your basic janitorial plan. But generally speaking, we don’t recommend that “high dusting” (above 6ft) be done daily. Think of places like your crown molding, window sills, rafters, alcoves, etc. 

Plan on scheduling your high-dusting service once per quarter, with special attention given during the spring and fall, when you’re likely to notice more cobwebs and spiders. 

Your spring cleaning checklist: 

  • Schedule a window cleaning and make a plan for ongoing maintenance 
  • Add high-dusting to your cleaning plan
  • Add a carpet cleaning, if it’s been more than 12 months
  • Bonus: start planning for outdoor spaces. Remember that demand for outdoor furniture and equipment is high, so order early!

Seasonal Cleaning: Summer 

Outdoor spaces

2020 saw a huge boom in functional outdoor spaces, for both residential and commercial use. We’re expecting this trend to continue in 2022. 

If you’re utilizing a patio, a deck or even a parking lot as part of your work or entertaining space, it’s time to schedule a pressure washing treatment. These areas tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, oil, moss and other debris over the winter and spring.  

If you’re repurposing an outdoor space as a dining room, ask your cleaning team to pay special attention to any roof overhangs, rafters or beams that could be harboring dust and debris. This could become a sanitation problem in food service areas. 

Ask us how we can help you source tents, outdoor lighting, portable heaters and other items to put the finishing touches on your outdoor space!

Your summer cleaning checklist: 

  • Prep your outdoor space with a pressure washing treatment, paying special attention to food service areas
  • Add a high dusting service for outdoor food service areas
  • Order and install any new furniture, supplies and equipment

Seasonal Cleaning: Fall 

Leaf removal 

As summer fades and the nights get cooler, leaves start to pile up fast. It’s time to add leaf removal and disposal to your seasonal office cleaning plan!

Gutters and downspouts

Ask your cleaning team to check your gutters and downspouts at least twice a year (spring and fall). In addition to clogs caused by leaves, we often find bird nests, squirrel nests and lots of good old-fashioned dirt in these drainage systems. 

Winter weather prep! 

We’ve come full circle. It’s time to make sure your entryway mats are in good shape and check in on your floor maintenance plan! 

Your fall cleaning checklist: 

  • Add leaf removal to your cleaning plan 
  • Add pressure washing treatments to keep moss under control on sidewalks, roof overhangs and fences
  • Ask your cleaning team to check for debris in gutters and downspouts
  • Order entryway mats and other supplies for winter 

Your seasonal office cleaning plan can be seamless

Keeping track of every task is a lot of work! That’s why we’re here. We help property managers, office coordinators and business owners build perfectly calibrated seasonal office cleaning plans, tailored to their budgets and seasonal needs. Need to add or edit a task? Not a problem. Our flexible cleaning plans are completely customizable. Schedule a video chat with us today to get started!