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Spring Cleaning is Here! Start With Your Windows!

Windows are more than glass panes.

They’re the face of your business—the first thing that customers see before walking through the doors. Clean panes allow natural light to fill a space, boosting employee and customer morale. As you prepare the interior and exterior of your commercial building for the warmer months, don’t forget to call a professional window cleaning service to get rid of the dirt, dust, spider webs, pollen, and accumulated debris. And keep reading to learn about a few commercial window washing tips.

Benefits of Green Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Give a great first impression: Sparkling clean windows are always better than panes with a thin film of dirt. Clients and prospects use the exterior of a building to judge how your company might manage and care about the business that they bring. Give them the right impression with clean windows.
  • Increase natural lighting: Dirty windows decrease the amount of natural lighting that enters a window. Studies show that when there’s an abundance of natural light in a building, workers are more positive, energetic and productive; customers purchase more; and patients in healthcare facilities heal faster.
  • Reduce the effects of acid rain and pollutants: Acid rain and environmental pollutants (e.g., car exhaust) slowly etch windows, leading to stains, concrete leaching and windows that look wavy. The harsh chemical solutions that some professionals use to clean windows etch glass further. An eco-conscious window-cleaning contractor uses green cleansers that are just as effective, but do not damage glass, the building’s exterior, or the environment.
  • Keep the planet, workers, and clients healthy: Traditional glass-cleaning solutions have strong fumes that are not healthy to inhale. When spilled, the chemicals may harm the surrounding flora and fauna, as well as pollute groundwater. Green window cleansers are non-toxic and biodegradable. They don’t contain fumes that reduce the quality of indoor air, and are less likely to trigger allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to chemicals and scents.

How Often Should You Clean Commercial Windows?

At the top of our commercial window washing tips list is frequency. In general, it is a good idea to wash the windows on a commercial building once a quarter. At a minimum, hire professionals to clean your property’s windows—inside and out—twice a year. Keep in mind that your building might need more frequent cleanings if the building is:

  • In an area that’s rainy, dusty, or has significant amounts of pollen in the air
  • On or near a busy street
  • Near a construction site

It is important to remember that window-cleaning frequency also depends on your industry. Restaurants and health care facilities, for example, should have the interior and exterior panes professionally cleaned every two weeks. While retail locations and office buildings don’t need professional cleanings as often, it is a good idea to keep up with the competition.

A great time of year for professional window cleaning is the spring or early summer, when the chances of rain decrease and pollen levels increase. When you’re ready to hire a professional window cleaning service, look to Cleansolution. We specialize in green window cleaning and maintenance, high-rise maintenance, glass care, and window inspections. Let us take care of the hard to reach places so your building looks fantastic from every angle.