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Own Commercial Property? Pressure Washing Can Help Bring in Business!

First impressions are everything. The first thing that people see when they approach your commercial property is how the exterior looks. Portland business owners consistently rely on pressure washing services to give their buildings an instant facelift. There’s no better approach to welcoming clients and prospects while maintaining excellent curb appeal.

At Cleansolution Services, it’s our job to make you look great—inside and out. Our green pressure washing services make your building shine without any environmental damage.

Pressure Washing Services for Portland Businesses

  • Building exteriors: The benefits of pressure washing building exteriors are multi-fold, especially in the Pacific Northwest. After months of rain, dark days, and the occasional snow, the wet weather can take a toll on buildings. It’s common to find moss and mildew growth on walls along with splashed dirt and mud, water stains, and other eyesores. Pressure washing safely gets rid of all this in minutes.Regularly washing a building’s exterior also prolongs its life by reducing the risk of rot and decay. On occasion, it even reveals structural problems that can be hidden underneath accumulated grime. Washing can also prolong the life of exterior paint and improve the performance of insulation.As a business owner, you know that the hardest part of making a sale is getting a customer through the door. With pressure washing services, Portland properties sparkle.
  • Parking lots: Parking lots play host to countless amounts of grease and grime, none of which you want in your building. Over the fall and winter, algae, moss, mold, mildew, salts, motor oil, antifreeze, dirt, acidic substances, leaves, gum, and other contaminants build up on the asphalt. Regular foot traffic causes these contaminants to enter the building. Some particles, like mold, can even become airborne. Others can become embedded in carpets and flooring.Regularly pressure washing your parking lot is a simple way to keep the inside of your commercial property safe and clean.
  • Walkways: Many of the contaminants that affect parking lots also show up on walkways. Since cement is absorbent and lighter in color, it is more likely to show stains. The most common stains result from fallen leaves, spilled beverages, and chewing gum. Not only do stains look bad, they cause walkways to darken in color.

Professional pressure washing makes walkways and other hardscaping look like new in a matter of minutes. You’ll love the quick results.

  • Fences and wood structures: Moisture is wood’s greatest enemy. In dry environments, wood dries out on its own without a problem. For most of the year, Portland is not dry. The lush, evergreen city is perfect for moss and mold growth. This is good in a forest, but not on your fences or wood structures. Mold, mildew and moss trap moisture. When organisms live on wood, the lumber never dries. You then end up with dry rot, decay, and expensive repairs.Pressure washing blasts mold, moss, and mildew off wood structures. It keeps lumber products healthy without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Overhangs: Building overhangs provide shade and shelter entryways, but this shelter comes with a cost — accumulated dirt, leaves, pine needles and pollen. If the overhang retains water, you’re also looking at moss and mold growth. Pressure washing gets rid of the debris to give your commercial property a first-class appearance.

Pressure Washing Services: Portland Professionals Should Do the Job

While simple in principal, pressure washers are powerful pieces of equipment that require training and experience to master. By leaving this dirty work to the pros, you’re able to save on employee training expenses, expensive equipment, and cleaning supplies. In addition to safety concerns, pressure washing incorrectly might result in a fine if you don’t dispose of the wastewater correctly.

Pressure washing boosts property value, keeps buildings healthy, and improves curb appeal. Let us take care of all your pressure washing needs by signing up for our annual maintenance plan. Contact us today.