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Benefits of a regular carpet cleaning schedule

Typically, people tend to wait until an object or area looks dirty before they schedule a cleaning. But adopting a regular carpet cleaning schedule can save you money! How? Because cleaning more frequently reduces the need for extra products and expensive, time-consuming deep cleans.

You’ll also enjoy having carpets that look clean all the time. Dingy carpet doesn’t give the best first impression for customers. A clean, regularly maintained workspace also contributes to employee morale.

Reduce your cleaning costs & protect your carpet from expensive damage

A regular carpet cleaning schedule can reduce costs over the long term. Many businesses only have their carpets cleaned once a year. Why is this a problem? It really depends on your building and your industry. For low-traffic buildings, deep cleaning once a year might be enough. But your carpet might still benefit from a quick, dry-foam cleaning in between deep cleans.

For busy, high-traffic buildings, we recommend cleaning on a quarterly or monthly basis, depending on your individual circumstances. Don’t wait until the carpet looks dirty! If you wait until you can see the dirt, you the run the risk of fiber damage, due to the abrasive nature of soils that have accumulated in the carpet. Your carpet may develop “traffic lanes” that cannot be removed. The only solution would be to replace the carpet, which is expensive.

Schedule cleanings on a regular basis

A profesional carpet cleaning program will stop soil from penetrating deep into the fibers. It prevents damage and improves your building’s overall appearance. Your carpet will last longer and require less frequent replacement.

In summary, regular carpet cleanings save you money and offer many other benefits, including:

  • Preserving the color and texture of your carpet
  • Extending the lifespan of your carpet
  • Lowering your cleaning bill & creating predictable costs over time
  • Keeping your carpet looking clean in between services
  • Creating a healthy work environment

Contact Cleansolution today and ask about our carpet cleaning services! Plus, you’ll save 5% when you sign up for our annual maintenance program!