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Switching to Rolled Paper Towels Saves Money While Being Green

Switching to  Rolled Paper Towels Saves Money While Being Green

Many clients prefer folded paper towels because that is what they are used to and they perceive them as classier. But there is no mechanism in the dispenser to control the amount of paper towel used.

Once you educate clients about the different type of dispensers, they can conclude that they are better than just having folded paper towels. Once you convert to a roll type of paper towel dispenser the average savings is 10 to 30 percent. Save money and be green all at once.

The dispenser can be automated so that it dispenses a set amount of paper towel length. There are models that have sensors that dispense without being touched. Touchless is great because you are not touching any germs on the dispenser handle.

A typical paper towel roll is used for 600 wipes. The equivalent for the same in folded paper towels is only 250 hand wipes! You can see easily that this will create less waste and reduce the amount of labor needed to keep refilling these dispensers.

wall mounted paper towel roll dispenser

Roll paper towels are cheaper because they are faster to manufacture. Cutting, folding and some packaging are unnecessary. Roll towels are rewound on cores to the specified length and cut to the specified width. They are made in bulk and they do not have to be wrapped before they are cased.

A tip is to use universal dispensers that use universal roll length. Paper companies often supply proprietary dispensers that only accept their paper rolls. These proprietary dispensers lock you into that company brand.

The best dispensers are made of metal with plastic covers or doors on them. It is the opening and closing of the unit to refill that wears it out over time. Clear covers are best because one can see how much paper towel is left.

Summary of suggestions:

  • Type: Universal

  • Capacity: up to 800 feet roll with a 3.5 foot stub roll

  • width: 7 7/8 to 8 1/2 inch wide roll

  • activator: automatic touchless sensor, or lever

  • material: metal with transparent clear cover

  • Don’t forget to choose green, non chemical , recycled paper products. Compost if you can.

(Image Credit: via Flickr) Nick Gray

(Image Credit: via Flickr) Joe Monin